19 LDR Boyfriend Gift Ideas

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The best part of long distance relationships is sending your partner a gift.

Using good old fashioned snail mail.

You get to research gifts based on your partner’s likes and dislikes and find that perfect gift for him. Searching for a perfect gift for my Snowman brings me all the joy.

I am also very frugal 🤑

I believe in the importance of finding a good deal. With that being said, I typically stick with gifts that are under $20.

I do this because international shipping is expensive and I need the cost of shipping out to Finland to balance out the cost of my gift. 

But all that gets paid off when I get the text that his package has arrived. We immediately jump onto a video call so I can watch him open up the gift, then the best part happens. 

I get to see him smile 🥰 

That smile is worth everything, it’s so fulfilling to see him appreciate the gift I gave him. 

20 Perfect Gift Ideas for Him Under $20 on Amazon

I am also a huge fan of online shopping. I find online shopping to be much easier to find the things you want and you get that instant gratification of purchasing it.

Rather than going into a store and hoping that the item you want is in stock.

I’ve listed some of my favorite gifts for you to pick and choose from. That way you’ll find the perfect gift for your man no matter the occasion. 

LDR Gift Ideas: Beard Kits

I got this beard kit for my Snowman as a anniversary gift and he absolutely loves it.

My Snowman has a really good looking beard and he attributes it to using beard oil and the wooden comb in this kit.

It also makes kissing a little less pricklier for the both of us. This is also fragrance free so it’s great for those don’t know what kind of scent your man likes.

This Ceenwes beard kit is another great option. It differs from the set I got my Snowman as it has beard shampoo and a tool to better trim your beard. Kinda kicking myself in the but for not getting this one 😅

LDR Gift Ideas: Watches

I just got so excited looking at these watches 😍 I’ve been meaning to buy my Snowman. My Snowman is a fan of snooker and billiards in general. Watches are such a staple to billiards, in every tournament you can’t help but notice them.

I mean look at that luxury watch, it’s sexy. And it’s under $20. This watch also comes in all black if you don’t think your partner will like the touch of rose gold. I really love this watch’s sleek design.

However, if your man is more into traditional watches that have a face on them and still has a touch of luxury then I would recommend this watch

This watch has the sleekness of a luxury watch while also having a minimalist vibe to the hour marker giving it that polished look.

If your man is a little more rugged and the outdoorsy type I would recommend getting him a Bamboo watch

This Bamboo watch has all the charm and is less flashy that the previous watches. This watch would be perfect for everyday use.

LDR Gift Ideas: Clothes

Lately, whenever I got to Target I always go to the men’s section. As I am browsing through the area I catch myself wondering how my Snowman would look in a shirt, if he would like these pants, and then I turn and say “Babe check out these socks.”

Then I realize he’s not there to shop with me, rather he’s on the phone and can’t see then things I am looking at. I think that’s why I enjoy shopping with him. I get to learn more about what type of clothes he likes.

Here’s my top favorite clothing items you can buy for your man.

Lounge wear

Ever since my Snowman came to the US he has love loungewear. His new found love for lounge wear came from our shopping experience at Walmart

Yes I took him to Walmart, it is part of the American experience.

He still has those joggers he bought from Walmart but we need to up his storage on lounge wear and athleisure in general, he only has the one pair.

I love these joggers from Southpole. They look super comfy and they even have pockets. What I love the most about Southpole is that their sizing accommodates the big and tall.

My Snowman is pretty tall so sometimes I get nervous buying pants for him.

Cool Socks

My Snowman also developed a love for socks when he came to the US. He bought a pair that had hot-dogs on them for the Fourth of July.

These novelty socks are a lot of fun and come in a lot of different designs. These socks are a lot of fun and ready for any Taco Tuesday.

Seasonal Wear

Considering that Finland is pretty cold for the majority of the year so winter gear is always on our mind. These gloves are great for the winter because it allows for full use of tech without getting frostbitten fingers.

Somehow he manages to lose gloves and winter hats every summer and is unable to find them by the time winter rolls back around.

LDR Gift Ideas: Rocks Glasses

I think a part of my job as a girlfriend/fiance is to make sure my man has some decent glasses. Especially since all his glasses are just a shy upgrade from a red solo cup. These simple rocks glasses are a great way to upgrade your man’s collection.

I won’t tell on you if you pour wine in them 🙈🙉🙊

I’m not hating on his glassware collection. I’m just saying my taste has matured more from the party girl I used to be.

These globe rocks glasses really speak to the hopeless romantic side of long distance relationships. No matter where y’all are in the world it makes things a little less distance and a little closer knowing you hold the world in your hands.

If the other two glasses were a bit tame then you should check out this cool ice shaped whiskey glass. This glass has a lot of charisma and your man would love to have it in his cabinets.

LDR Gift Ideas: Bar Tools

Man it is definitely happy hour right now, so I am going to continue with the bar theme and recommend you get your man some bar tools. When I went to Finland for the first time I stayed with my Snowman.

And let me tell you, he had nothing in his kitchen. Since then he has upgraded and learned more about cooking and drinking.

I think I am a bad influence 😅😂

This is a great bar tool starter kit that has everything you want. But more importantly, it has a wine/beer opener and pourers to make fill up those rocks glasses a little bit easier.

Another great addition to those rocks glasses are these round whiskey stones. These whiskey stones are a great way to savor the alcohol with losing the taste from using ice.

LDR Gift Ideas: Tech & Gadgets

When you’re in a long distance relationship you learn quickly that technology becomes you new best friend.

Between surfing the internet for things to do and finding new apps to try out, you slowly become a connoisseur of virtual dating.

The same applies to technology. I can’t tell you how many times my Snowman and I had to find the perfect position to place our cell phone in order to talk to each other hands free.

Especially on date nights when we are both trying to cook together but want to stay in the video call.

This cell phone stand makes life easier by allowing for hands-free talking and you can even charge your phone while in it’s in the stand. The best part is this stand comes with two in a pack so that way y’all both can have one.

Another gift that your man will appreciate is a portable charger. This gift is perfect for LDRs because of how much travel is required in our type of relationship.

If your man is a music lover then he would surely enjoy using this Acorn Bluetooth speaker. What I love about this speaker is that it is compact enough to pack in your carry on without taking up too much space. Don’t let its size fool you, because this little acorn’s sound quality packs a punch.

LDR Gift Ideas: Toys & Games

Let’s be real, boys will be boys and they will always love their toys. It could be because games seem to bring out the spirit of competition and a way to show you how smart they are. Check out this fun labyrinth cube

Another great gift option would be these deck of water proof playing cards, because let’s be honest I am not the first or last person to spill a drink while playing cards.

How Many of these LDR Gifts Made It To Your Cart?

What I love about these gifts is that they are all under $20. Making it easier to pick out a couple of gifts for your man without hurting your wallet.

Leave me a comment and let me know some of your favorite gifts on the list!

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