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5 Ways to Keep your Carry On Organized

5 Ways to Keep your Carry On Organized

Some of us have been there more than others, but I know this always happens to me. No matter how carefully I plan out my carry on bag I feel like I am always digging to the bottom, pulling out all my hard work just to find one thing. I get so excited that I found it then just as quick as that excitement hit, I plummet back down to, “damn I got to put all this back.”
That’s why I am making this post partially to help me get even more organized and hopefully help y’all out for your next adventure.

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  • It’s All About The Bag

I think the one question I get the most from my friends and coworkers is what kind of bag do I use for my travels, and how do I manage to get everything into one bag. But the kind of bag that works for me might not work for you it really all depends on you. Personally, I carry a hard spinner bag that I got from Vera Bradley a few years ago. I strongly urge you to find a bag that is “one of a kind” a bag that you wouldn’t think anyone would have because even if you are strictly carry on only there will be times you have to put your bag in the planes storage and its easier to grab and go then figure out well I think this looks like mine but I’m not really 100% sure. Just trust meOf course the type of bag you bring also depends on the type of places you’re going and where you’re going to stay as well.

Vera Bradley Hardside Large Spinner Suitcase, Butterfly Flutter BlackImage from Amazon

If you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking or legit backpacking then get yourself a 45 L backpack

Venture Pal Large 45L Hiking Backpack - Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack for Women Men (Grey)Image from Amazon

Just remember to always give yourself some extra room in your bag when you leave because I know that you know you’re going to want to purchase some souvenirs for someone or for yourself 

  • Personal Bag

When I travel I carry a small backpack, and when I say small I mean the little backpacks that are cute, because I don’t ever want to run into the problem of someone saying my allotted personal belonging is too large and that I have to spend some money, no I refuse I saved that money to do fun things, not pay that bag is where I carry the stuff that I know is going to be taken out either through security or during my flight.

Miss Lulu Backpacks for Women School Bags for Teen Girls Rucksack Daypack PU Leather Shoulder Bag (6606 TN)Image from Amazon

My camera is typically at the bottom barricaded with pads all around it, yes pads, sorry not sorry guys, pads > tampons any day, okay I’m done. But seriously it keeps my camera well cushioned. I also put my carry on liquids on top of that, once again pads, if anything leaks yall know they absorb everything cryying right now. Anyways!! I put them in that bag because I don’t want to be zipping and unzipping my carry on, airports already make me low key panicky because of all the other people rushing around me, it’s so infections doesn’t matter if I am there 2 hours early I still get all excited, yeah I should probably work on that. I also carry anything else I need during my flight like headphones and phone.

  • Wallets and Passport

My wallet and passport typically goes in the B.o.B which is the Bank of Boob, in boob we trust, why? Because I know ain’t no one going to be reaching into my bra to grab anything, if so they got other things to worry about. But for all my guys out there or anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with that method I recommend getting a wallet you can wear around your neck, my boyfriend used one when he came over to the US last winter and honestly I never knew he had it on.

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Wallet, OliveImage from Amazon

Or a travel scarf, my grandma is a quilter so she made me one for my first adventure, yeah my grandma is kinda awesome well that and she thought my B.o.B. was unladylike, meh. Either method you chose it is definitely easier getting out your passport when going through security without pulling everything out of your bag and it’s always comforting knowing your important things are right where you can see them at all times.

Infinity Scarf Black for Iphone Lipstick Passport Travel Solid Pocket Wrap ZipImage from Amazon

  • Packing Cubes

Okay I am going to be real, I have tried so hard not to use packing cubes, like really hard, why? Because I don’t want to spend money on unnecessary things. I consider myself a pro at rolling up my clothes and being able to fit my capsule closet into my carry on. However, I am getting packing cubes for my trip to Finland, I’ll be there for a month in the middle of winter, and I have to figure out how to carry Christmas presents for his family there, not to mention I want to do some shopping while I am there. The only solution I can think of is packing cubes. Also I will be able to organize clothes better, hopefully, and not have my suitcase looking like a hurricane came through it on my second day there. But I’ll keep yall posted on how that one goes.

Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag (Aqua Teal)Image from Amazon
If you do decide to get packing cubes I recommend ones that are stretchy because it’ll be easier to fit more stuff in them.

  • Have a Plan but Keep it Simple

As I mentioned before I already have a capsule closet system in place with my everyday wardrobe, if you don’t I highly recommend having one during your travels it really makes things easier. I tend to choose one color depending on the season, yes I am that extra, and add basic tops or base colors with it. I tend to pack 1 pair of nice shoes in my carry on, in a plastic bag and I wear my everyday shoes on the plane. This is where the try to keep it simple comes in, as much as I think I need those extra pair of shoes I really don’t, even when I bring them they just sit in my suitcase the entire trip wasting precious space. Just ask yourself have you worn these shoes/this outfit in the past few weeks if not are you really going to wear it when you travel?

I hope these tips will help out your next adventure, let me know in the comments below what sort of articles yall would like to see in the future . Until next time 🙂

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  1. I recommend getting a passport holder in which you can fit all your stuff, but one that isn’t too big. A big holder can be bulky. Always save room for unexpected items but don’t get a giant cover.

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