5 Hidden Benefits of Closing the Distance in Your Long Distance Relationship

Closing the distance or closing the gap is one of the dreams of every LDR couple out there. 

For us closing the distance was more about starting a life together so we can finally share our love for each other and hopes for our futures together. 

While there are many hard truths and stressors to face when closing the distance I also want to point out the positives of it.

So I put together this post to show the beauty of what closing the distance has to offer and it’s more than just being with your partner.

Being with your partner might be one of the main reasons you close the distance but I also want to highlight some of the other important benefits that often get forgotten about.  

The Best Parts of Closing the Distance in a Long Distance Relationship

Part of being a long distance relationship coach is talking about both the good and the bad of things. 

My goal is to always be transparent and to provide you with positives and negatives so you are able to form your own opinion.

So be sure to check the suggested articles at the end so you can get more information on closing the distance.

Now with that out of the way, let’s get started on the 5 best parts of closing the distance. 

You Finally Get to Be With Your Partner 

Okay, so I know this one isn’t really a “hidden” benefit but it’s HUGE benefit and I feel like it deserves a spot on this list.

So let’s just go ahead and get the obvious one out of the way.

It’s time to celebrate the fact that after so many years of being in a long distance relationship you and your partner are FINALLY able to close the distance for good. 

Way to go you! This is so awesome and a huge milestone in the long distance community. 

These are very exciting times!!

When we closed the distance, we couldn’t believe it. At the time I am writing this it has been almost 6 months since we closed the distance and I still can’t believe it now.

Someone pinch me 🥰

Y’all can finally live your lives more mindfully and enjoy being in the moment with each other. 

There’s no more rush to do everything during meet-ups and there’s no more distance to keep us apart. 

The beauty of closing the distance is that even though the long distance portion of your relationship is ending, you and your partner are about to embark on a whole new journey together. 

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You Get a Chance to Start Something New

There aren’t many times in life where you are able to have a fresh start. 

The only time in my life where I was offered that was when I moved to a new place. 

After graduating high school I moved away for college, then after college, I moved away to be closer to an airport so I could easily see Tuomas. 

Each time, I was able to start something new. I was able to experience more about myself and who I am meant to be. 

Closing the distance reminded me of those experiences a lot. 

When you and your partner close the distance one of you will be moving to a new area. The one that moves will be able to embrace the change of starting something new. 

It can feel a bit scary at first, but after moving multiple times I have realized that it’s part of the growth process. 

When you start something new like closing the distance, you are making a change in your life, and change is often followed by growth. 

Use this period of growth as a way for you to follow your dreams. 

I mean if you closed the distance then you can pretty much conquer the world right?

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You Get to Follow Your Dreams 

Closing the distance really opened my eyes to the idea that life is full of endless possibilities and what we choose to do with life is up to us. 

Since moving to Finland I have been more inspired to follow my passion and dreams, there are times where I am still scared to do so but I feel stronger now than I ever did before.

You may feel something similar when it comes time for y’all to close the distance. Closing the distance is already a dream shared by many in the LDR community. 

So when you have tackled that one dream or goal, it somehow makes you feel invincible and that you can conquer more of your dreams.

It also helps to have your partner supporting you right next to you rather than being 1000+ km apart. 

Use the momentum of closing the distance to support your dreams, maybe you want to change your lifestyle, stop doing that one bad habit, or maybe you want to pursue an even bigger dream. 

Whatever it is you want to do, I know you’ll be able to do it.


Because you closed the distance and that takes some serious guts to do. 

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You Learn More About Your Relationship

Everyone’s family and upbringing play a huge role in how they deal with things around the house. Once you and your partner close the distance you will be able to see this first hand.

You’ll learn more about what is considered normal in their family, for us it’s how we do household chores.

In Tuomas’ family, the chores were divided up between his siblings and everyone had their own task to do.

Whereas in my family, I was in charge of cleaning everything. 

At first, we had a hard time adapting to this rhythm, he was so used to getting a role to do in the household tasks while I was so used to doing everything on my own. 

When you and your partner close the distance you will notice these little differences in how y’all like things to be done around the house. 

Be sure to set some time aside to talk about these household roles from your childhood and life experiences so y’all are able to find a compromise together.

Now when it comes to cleaning, we have a set day where we both clean and have our own tasks to do. Throughout the week we take turns doing things like washing dishes and laundry.

We like doing things this way because for us it feels like we are working together to maintain a clean space. It also helps us to feel more balanced and that we equally contribute to our household. 

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You Know Your Relationship is the Real Deal 

Closing the distance with your partner is a HUGE sign of commitment. 

This sign of commitment also lets each other know that your relationship is the real deal. 

Closing the distance in a long distance relationship is equivalent to couples moving in with each other in “regular” relationships.

You and your partner both know that you want to make an investment in the other and see how things will work when you do start living together.

It means you understand that there are going to be disagreements and you want to work through them together. 

Because that is what it means to be committed to each other. 

Since closing the distance with Tuomas we have had a few arguments, we had to learn how to argue with each other in person

I can tell you it is NOT the same as it was when we were still in an LDR for obvious reasons 

For the less obvious reasons we had to understand better how each other handles criticism in person, and how we interpret each other’s body language. 

Each time we sat down to talk about things we were able to learn more about each other and why we handle arguments the way we do. 

This in turn helped us to focus on a solution together and made it easier to handle the next disagreement. 

Being able to constantly work towards building a better future with your partner is how you know y’all are committed to each other and how you know your relationship is the real deal. 

Closing the Distance Has Its Ups and Downs

While I talk a lot about the positives of closing the distance in this article I also want to be honest with you about the hard parts.

Closing the distance is such a wonderful time the months leading up to it are so exciting and scary, and then when once you finally have closed the distance it can feel like complete bliss.

It is so important to stay grounded during this transition. It’s going to be easy to let your feelings get the best of you so be sure to talk to your partner and your support system about what you are going through.

I have faith that it will be a wonderful time for you and your partner just like how it was for us, but I also want you to be mindful that life does happen while we busy daydreaming of the future.

So take the time to meditate and practice self-care, that way you are able to process your current thoughts, this will help you make more balanced decisions in the future.

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