9 Books That you’ll Love to Talk about in a Long Distance Relationship

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Reading has always found a way to touch my soul. It has helped me to better understand things I am going through based on the characters in the story. 

It’s always in those unexpecting tales that I learn more about myself and the ones I love. I am able to do this by understanding and empathizing with the characters. 

Imagining my struggles as theirs and seeing how they handle it. 

How do they overcome it? 

I want to be the type of person that is able to overcome challenges I face in my life. 

I also love reading about history no matter the era or continent. You can learn a great deal about a country and its people when reading historical texts. Reading about different time periods and lives is a shared interest with me and my Snowman. 

Sharing interest in a similar topic is also a way to create a bond with you and your partner. You’re able to learn more about your partner through the books they like to read. 

Reading books together help create things to talk about. It gets easy to fall into the trap of talking about the same things every day. 

9 Books to Read in a Long Distance Relationship

Reading also allows you to understand empathy on a deeper level. 

It also helps you understand more about yourself through stories with great characters that you would want to be friends with. Or by understanding parts of yourself that you felt were muddled and unclear.

That’s the beauty of reading books, poetry, and manga. Literature takes all shapes and forms but the empathy you learn from each character in a story will ultimately help you learn more about yourself. 

No matter what form it is written in, the growth you get from reading will always be there. 

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages is a great way to learn more about your partner and the way they give and receive love. Dr. Gary Chapman breaks it down to 5 ways we give and receive love; quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch and gifts. 

This book is essential to long distance relationships as it can help y’all communicate with each other on a deeper level. The love languages will also let you and your partner have a better understanding of how to love each other. No matter the distance.

Love at the Speed of Email by Lisa McKay

Love at the Speed of Email is a memoir by Lisa McKay. In this memoir, Lisa shares her own adventure of working, traveling, and finding love despite never being settled in one place for too long.

She looks back on her adventures and how she met her now husband. And, about their ups and downs during their long distance relationship. 

This would be a great book you and your partner could leisurely read together. You can look at Lisa and her husband’s situation as your own and problem solve how you would handle them.

Lisa Mckay also has a blog on long distance relationships. I highly recommend you check out her stuff.

You can check out her blog here

Love Letters of Great Men by John C. Kirkland

Love letters and long distance relationships go hand and hand with each other. In this book you get accounts of great men throughout history including Napoleon, John Keats, and George Washington. This book also gives you background information about the writers and the ones they were writing letters too.

It’s great for long distance relationships because it’s pretty much LDRs before there were phones. It could also inspire y’all to write letters for each other. Especially if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation. 

Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

It could be because I am a hopeless romantic but I feel poetry and love go hand in hand. Pillow thoughts is a collection of poetry that is great for those that have ever experienced a broken heart.

This book also helps put expression to those raw emotions you may have. As well as teaches you how to love and more importantly how to love yourself. 

This book navigates different emotions that come up in a long distance relationship. It is also a great way for you and your partner to learn more about each other’s viewpoints or feelings on different poems.

The Golden Compass – His Dark Material by Phillip Pullman

When I was younger Lyra Belacqua was my spirit animal. That girl was crazy and all over the place, but she had so much courage.

Lyra’s courageous adventuring spirit will captivate you and you learn more about her world and how it’s ruled by dust. It’s awesome to see how heroic Lyra becomes when she needs to save her friends. 

While the series does boast great adventure, it also makes you take another look at the roles science and religion play in our lives. You and your partner will be able to learn and discuss more about each other’s beliefs and morals. 

City of Bones- The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

If y’all want to get invested into a long book series then you should definitely check out the Mortal Instruments, Clockwork Princess, and all of Cassandra Clare’s books. 

Cassandra Clare guides you into the world of Shadowhunters where 15 year old Clary Fray finds herself, smack dab in the middle. With Clary’s tsundere personality she learns more about herself and the world of Shadowhunters

This is just a very fun fast paced read. You and your partner will fall in love with characters and their struggles they’re going through. The Mortal Instruments is a series of growth for all the characters as well as the writer. It’s hard to not get addicted. 

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

If you have never been introduced to the world of manga then this story would be a good first. Fairy Tail is set in a wizarding world in the Kingdom of Fiore. It follows the adventure of Lucy Heartfilia and her path to join the Fairy Tail wizard guild. 

The mangaka Hiro Mashima finds a way to speak to your soul through his characters. He also teaches the importance of having the right friends and how people who were once lost can change for the better.

Mashima also talks about how inner strength is what makes a person strong. And that a person’s resolve isn’t just physical strength but the ability to move forward. 

The sense of adventure in this manga will have you and your partner ready to travel and plan your next meet-up. 

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi

This manga is so much fun. The main character Deku lives in a world where everyone has superpower. Well everyone except for him. In this super hero society most kids go to school to be a hero. 

How are you supposed to be a hero when you don’t have any superhero powers? The manga’s story is based around Deku’s ability to become the greatest hero and surpassing his idol. 

If you and your partner are friends of Marvel and DC then this would be a great new superhero saga for y’all to try. Deku is one of those characters that works hard to accomplish things that may appear to others as impossible. 

One of the things I hear most when I tell people I am in a long distance relationship is that it won’t work. Then that’s when I channel my inner Deku to let them know, it can work. We just have to work together to make the impossible possible. 

My Snowman’s Favorite

Summerland by Hannu Rajaniemi 

A sci-fi story about British agent Rachel White in1930s. However, in the alternative 1930s, humans have discovered the way to communicate with the dead. 

White has got a suspicion of a double agent but has no proof of it. Trying to track the double agent turns out pretty hard, since he is dead… 

This book is great for long distance relationships because the book will come up with a lot of twists that provide a lot of food for discussion.

Also the author’s straightforward, write-don’t-tell style may be easier to grasp with a partner than if you were reading it by yourself. 

Do you like Physical or Digital Books?

I am still a lover of physical books. It could be because my love language is physical touch. I have tried the digital ones and it just doesn’t do it for me. I like to move around and read in different positions. 

Although, I read manga digitally on Viz you can only see the newest chapters for free and pay to see the older ones. 

Let me know what books you and your partner have read. Or one’s you think we should read. Thanks for stopping by!

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