17 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are already quite romantic, here you are two people who have beautiful love while living so far apart. 

Then imagine out of knowhere your partner shows up at your doorstep, that’s what it feels like when you receive a care package from your long distance partner. 

It’s a magical moment that’ll immediately make you feel so full of love. 

It’s for these feelings that we send care packages to our partners. You want them to know you care and are thinking about them. 

You miss them and want to be with them, you saw this one thing that reminded you of them, or you found this one thing that would be perfect for them!

Pre-Made vs. Homemade Care Packages 

Both homemade and pre-made care packages are special in LDRs. They both offer a way for you to show your partner you love them and they mean the world to you.

Pre-made and homemade care packages also have their own pro’s and con’s to them. 

Homemade, you have to worry about shipping, getting everything into the box, hoping it doesn’t break. And every other nightmare in between. 

Shipping also depends on the contents in your package like how much they weigh and are worth, and if you want to get that extra insurance to make sure it actually arrives there.  

Whereas Pre-Made Care Packages, like the ones I am going to show you below, have a fixed shipping rate, which can make sending packages to your partner a lot cheaper. 

Some shipping rates I’ve seen are around $20 which is much cheaper compared to the $50 shipping rate I spent to send Tuomas a homemade picture frame 😒

The only downfall with pre-made packages is you can’t send each other your clothes so you can smell them, or where they live.

Which after being apart for a long time is so needed. On this list I have also included some care package stickers, it’s a great way to dress up the care package and it’ll bring an extra smile to your partner’s face. 

I love them because I am not a good drawer, and don’t have the patience to carefully design that sort of thing. 

17 Must Have LDR Care Packages  

This list contains care packages and care package stickers that I found on Etsy that are perfect for long distance relationships like yours. If you click on the link I may earn a small affiliate fee at no extra cost to you. 😊

LDR Care Package DIY #1  

Let your partner know that they mean the world to you and that the distance is only temporary. What I love most about care package stickers is that you don’t have to worry about being artistic. 

You can just slap these stickers on and immediately your package shares all the emotions you want to get across to your partner. 

Which is perfect for those who want to say the right words but might be too embarrassed to say them outloud. 

The other nice thing about having map care stickers is it can give you a general theme of what type of gifts you want to put in the package. 

With the Map Care Package Sticker you can send items for an upcoming adventure for you and your partner. Or you can fill it up with other map themed gifts that your adventurous partner will surely love. 

You can find the Map Care Package Sticker here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package DIY #2

When Tuomas and I were long distance, I wondered how much he thought of me when I wasn’t around. Of course, you know your partner’s thoughts won’t be entirely consumed by you. 

At the same time it feels really nice to know that someone out there is thinking of you and how much they miss you. 

With the Something Blue Care Package Sticker you can easily fill up the box with blue items that remind you of your partner. 

Just imagine the look on their face when you see them open up the package over a video call, knowing that you planned all of this while thinking about them. 

You can find the Something Blue Care Package Sticker here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package #3

Pre-made care packages can also have their advantages. 

There are times when life just gets in the way, you could be busy with studies or work and every time you want to go to the post office you seem to get there one minute after they have closed. 

I know because it’s happened to me so many times when I tried to send packages to Tuomas. 😩

That’s just life sometimes, so busy in the hustle and bustle it feels like you don’t have time for yourself or your partner. 

Let your partner know that life would Succ without having them in it with this adorable and comforting Succulent Care Package. 

You can find the Succulent Care Package here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #4

The other beautiful part of sending your LDR partner a care package is that you don’t have to worry about any additional hidden fees within the shipping costs. 

The Etsy shops already have that calculated for you. 😉

So go ahead and relax as you feel stress free when you send this box full of sunshine to your LDR partner. It will surely brighten up their day 

You can find this Box Full of Sunshine here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #5

Birthdays during long distance relationships can be so hard. 😥

You want to be there for your partner and sometimes you’re just not able to. Even if you aren’t able to get there you can still make their special day extra special. 

Your partner can then frame the top of the box and keep it as a relationship memory for one of the happiest birthdays spent apart. 

You can find this Chocolate Lover Care Package here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #6

Maybe you have wracked your brain over and over again about what to actually send to your partner. 

By sending them a premade care package you don’t have to worry about getting all the little items you would need. 

That’s what I did for one of our long distance anniversaries, it made everything less stressful and he really enjoyed his manly-self care box I got for him. 

Even better, it was something he could reuse over and over again, which in turn made him think of me whenever he used it.

Save yourself time by getting your long distance love a gift they can keep using throughout the year.

You can find this Care Package for Him here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package #7

After going to Finland for the first time I quickly got into tea, as it’s a part of Finnish coffee culture. 

Especially if you aren’t a coffee drinker, it’s like you have to drink something when everyone else is having coffee. 

This Soothing Tea Care Package is perfect for the budding tea enthusiast in your life. It would also make for a lovely long distance date. 

You and your partner enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee while munching on small pastries together.

And c’mon don’t these loose leaf teas look so beautiful 🥺

You can find this Soothing Tea Care Package here on Etsy.  

LDR Care Package #8

Long distance relationships, in fact relationships in general are almost never smooth sailing. 

There are always going to be miscommunication and times when you can’t express the things that you want to. 

This could be because both you and your partner are stressed or because you are still learning the best way to communicate with each other. 

Lavender is perfect for remedying these tensions. Lavender is known for its relaxing and calming properties. 

If you find that your long distance lover is going through a stressful time in their lives and you want to find a way to help them through it. Then give them a care package that can take away their stress. 

You can find this Lavender Care Package here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #9

If you are in an international long distance relationship like we were then you know all those shipping costs can add up quickly, not to mention other shipping delays that can happen along the way. 

Sending a care package through an Etsy shop really helps ease some of those extra stresses and fears. 

Let the Shops take care of that stress while your partner enjoys these delicious chocolates. 

You can find the care package, Lack of Vitamin Me here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package #10

Some of our most stressful moments during the distance was when Tuomas was working on his Master’s Thesis. 

There were so many times I wanted to be there for him to help reduce his stress but I couldn’t because I had to work, or you know the whole pandemic thing happened. 

I wanted Tuomas to know that his mental health was also important and he needed to take breaks to reduce some of his stress. 

Wishing I had found this box when we were still in a long distance relationship. But then again, it would make for a great gift even now when we are together. 

You can find this MENtal Health Box here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #11

If you haven’t noticed I got this subliminal theme going on here 😆

Mental health was a priority for us during our time as a long distance couple. We made sure to talk about what was really going on with our weekly “Couples State of the Union Meeting” that we learned from Gottman.

Having this meeting helped us to get a glimpse into the not so pretty parts of our lives that we wanted to avoid during the week in order to prevent any unnecessary stress or tension.

I mean during the week we had limited time to talk to each other, our weekends were the times where we could really sit back and chill without overthinking time zones. 

If your partner has been going through a lot of stress recently, send them this Aromatherapy Gift Box, they will instantly feel more relaxed and you can be there for them when they need you the most. 

You can find the Aromatherapy Gift Box here on Etsy. 

LDR Care Package #12

Then sometimes the unthinkable happens, your partner is grieving and you don’t know what to do. You want to be there to support them, to hug them and hold them in your arms, while telling them everything is going to be alright. 

It’s in these moments that you curse the distance, and see if you actually can get on the next plane out. 

For those that are unable to be with their partner during these stressful times help your partner think back to what your partner’s love language is and what their current needs are. 

Your partner might need some time by themselves doing something peaceful like coloring. Or perhaps they just want to spend more time with you enjoying a relaxing bag of tea. 

They could be happy that they received a care package from you when they are at a low point in their life. 

Even though miles separate y’all at this moment you can still find other ways to be there for each other. 

You can find this Stress & Anxiety Relief Box here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package for Acts of Service Love Language #13

If your partner’s love language is Acts of Service, they will want to feel like y’all are still a team no matter how many miles in between. 

Maybe your LDR partner has been having a hard time staying on top of their appointments and scheduling self care time. 

Send them this self care care package and it’ll be a great reminder to slow down and be more present in the moment. 

Let your LDR partner know you will help them get through this moment, and that you are here to help them with this care Positivity Box.

You can find the Men’s Positivity Box here on Etsy

LDR Care Package for Words of Affirmation #14

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, there are going to be times when they really need to hear why you love them.

It doesn’t matter if you told them once that you love them, their love language wants to hear and see the reasons why you care for them. 

This care package is not only filled to the brim with delicious chocolates but also has space for you to write a special note to your LDR partner. 

If you struggle with getting your thoughts out on paper you can find an LDR Quote that matches your feelings.  

You can find this Chocolate Care Package here on Etsy.

LDR Care Package for Physical Touch #15

You can still feel close with your partner even if physical touch is your love language. Because feeling goes way beyond touching.

I would know because this is one of our love languages. 

We always had to find creative ways to incorporate physical touch to our long distance relationship and a great way of doing that is through soaps, oils, and lotions. 

When your partner uses these types of things on their body it reminds them of you. Especially when using the lip balm in this Bath and Beauty Box. 

The next time they moisturize their lips it’ll be practically impossible for them not to think about kissing you the next time you reunite. 

You can find the Bath and Beauty Box here on Etsy. 

LDR Package for Quality Time Love Language #16

As much as we want to be there physically or on a call all the time with our LDR partners there are some times where you just can’t. It’s hard but these are the moments that truly make you appreciate the time you are able to spend together. 

Quality time love language is all about finding a way to feel more connected with your partner when you aren’t able to be with them on a call. 

This Cozy and Hygge care package is a great way for your long distance partner to fill up that quality time tank even when you aren’t able to be around. 

Just knowing that you provided them a space to relax and unwind in is enough for them to know that you value spending time with them.

You can find this Cozy and Hygge Care Package here on Etsy. 

LDR Package for Giving + Receiving Gifts Love Language #17

Care packages are a great way for your LDR partner to know that you are thinking about them even when you aren’t on a video call together. 

This also hits home with those whose love language is Receiving Gifts. If your LDR partner’s love language is Giving + Receiving gifts know that gifts go beyond the actual gift itself.

They want to feel so surprised that you thought about them so deeply that you found a gift that reminded you of them. 

This Self Care Care Package is a great way to let your partner know that you care for them and want them to treat themselves when you can’t be around to do it in person.

You can find the Self Care Care Package here on Etsy. 

Care Packages Are What’s Needed When the Distance Feels like It’s Too Much

All relationships have their up and down moments, in a long distance relationship those down moments hit very hard. 

It’s in these moments you feel lonely and wonder if your partner is even thinking about you. 

That’s why care packages are such a thoughtful gift during these hard times. 

Let your partner know that you are thinking about them, love them dearly, and want to see them again soon with one of these care packages. 

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