Closing the Distance Guide

Your Complete Guide to Closing the Distance


You’re in a long distance relationship

And now you are wondering how is it even possible to close the distance? There’s so much you need to do and plan and you don’t even know where to start!

Don’t worry I got you 😉

Closing the distance is the goal of all long distance relationships and while it is a very exciting time it is also very stressful.

Having to plan everything down to the last detail and even talking about finances together with your partner can feel really overwhelming – Trust me I know because I have been there too.

That’s why I have created this 86 page guide to prepare you from the moment your first start saving up money, when to start selling your stuff, how to pack, and a couple’s self care guide to manage the stress. 

In the guide I have shared the exact method I used to save money to move to Finland, and will even get personal on how closing the distance looked like for us, and the things that held us together and will keep you and your partner grounded during this exciting time.  

Take a Peak Inside

  • Budgeting tips + full printable budget planning, savings, tracker, and debt payment checklist to help get your finances on track
  • Packing + Moving Guide and how to determine what is essential to take and keeping your suitcases organized
  • Self Care Guide for the weeks right before closing the distance because no one talks about how stressful that last week is
  • ….and so much more!!

My goal is to have you feeling confident, stress-free, and excited for closing the distance and starting a life together with your partner

Now you can confidently start living your lives together! You got this!