It's Not Just a Dream Anymore, You're About to Close the Distance

Start preparing for the moment you and your partner have been waiting for

You're About to Take the Biggest Leap of Your Life

Closing the distance is the ultimate goal of any long distance relationship. 

When that time comes for you and your partner you will be overwhelmed with emotions.

And not all of those emotions are going to be positive.


Because one of you is saying goodbye to their entire world

While the other one has to make preparations for the arrival.

You are going to miss your family and friends and all the normal parts of your old life. 

You know nothing will be the same as where you are moving to. 

Let me guide you so you can finally feel fully prepared and ready to close the distance stress-free. 

Take Control of Your Future

The one thing I think people underestimate about closing the distance is how out of control you feel. 

Suddenly you’re overwhelmed, everything you and your partner have been working towards is right in front of you.

All the emotions of finally being together, saying goodbye to your loved ones, and even figuring out what paperwork you need to bring with you.

All of it is right there for you to navigate through. 

I’ll be honest with you, it was very stressful for us.

And I have heard other LDR couples who successfully closed the distance say the same thing.

When Love is Real it Finds a Way

The most stressful part about closing the distance is that you are overcome by emotions that start to put a strain on your relationship.

Some couples get into fights because they are scared of the unknown.

Or you could feel like your relationship is being put on the back burner during this process. 

When we closed the distance we felt so disconnected from each other, until we started doing relationship check-ins 

If there is one time your communication skills are going to be tested it’s when you’re about to close the distance.

Here’s What’s Inside

The Binder Set was Designed to Help You: prepare and organize your finances, all your most important possessions and documents, showing you how to establish habits for self-care and relationship check-ins during the process.

The Financial Guide and Planner: learn how to prepare for starting a new life in a new area while also feeling financially stable. 

The Ultimate Packing Guide: help keep your luggage organized with in-depth packing tips and printable/fillable packing and suitcase list.

The Ultimate Self Care Journal: designed to help you and your partner reduce some stress before closing the distance, by giving you weekly and daily prompts and a mindset worksheet. 

The Relationship Timeline Tracker: I’ll show you the documents that I brought with me to show the border guards and immigration in order to help us close the distance. 

💔Stop worrying if you have everything packed and start getting excited about being able to start a life with them. 

💖Learn what important documents you should include in your binder and get rid of the “Do I have everything?” fear.

💖Know EXACTLY what to pack in your suitcases, what documents you need to bring with you, AND how to give yourself and the relationship some much-needed love during this stressful time. 

💖Grab a binder and get organized! You’ll have all your most important information easily accessible, right in your carry-on. 

🤦‍♀️ Seriously, stop worrying if you forgot to pack something. 

✨Feel relaxed as you and your partner are about to start your new lives together. 


You Can Close the Distance Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed about closing the distance?

Don’t worry I felt the exact same way before Tuomas and I finally moved together.

Especially during those last 2 weeks when I was packing and trying to keep myself organized.

I was so stressed that I almost had a panic attack while out with my family.

I didn’t have to be that stressed but there was nothing out there to help me prepare.

You see all the tips on how to survive an LDR but what about how to survive CTD?

Let me tell you, those last 2 weeks are rough, there is so much planning, packing that you need to do. 

I was so stressed that I forgot how to take care of myself.

As a couple, we weren’t spending much time together so our relationship was becoming stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you and your partner.

Y’all can close the distance feeling ready and fully prepared by using the strategies that we put into place in order to get our relationship mindset back on track. 

We’re Jasmin and Tuomas

We were in a long distance relationship for 3.5 years before we closed the distance. 

After we got engaged we had planned on closing the distance in December 2020, but after everything that happened, we felt the urge to close the distance sooner.

In October of 2020, we closed the distance, now we want to help others and guide couples in their long distance journey so that they can also close the distance. 

When I first started the blog it was because there was no information out there on how to close the distance.

No information about the things you would need to do before, and how to adjust to life after.

As not only an expatriate but also someone who is suddenly living together with your partner. 

So my mission is to provide you the information you need for your long distance relationship to be a thriving, healthy relationship and to help your relationship flourish after closing the distance. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I have done everything in my power to make The Closing the Distance Binder Set the simplest, most effective long distance relationship preparation program available.

I KNOW it works because it’s the exact same tools and exercises we have used to overcome the distance.

If you’re undecided or if other relationship courses have left you skeptical, then I want to give you the chance to “buy it and try it” with confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through the CTD Binder Set, make use of the packing guide, ground yourself with self-care exercises, and feel fully prepared and organized with the important documents tracker.


Who Is The Closing the Distance Binder Set For?

If you are a couple that has set a date for closing the distance.

How Long Do You Have to Prepare the Binder Set?

You should give yourself at least 2 months to prepare all the information you will need in the Relationship Tracker. This time will depend on how long you have been in an LDR and how many Meet-Ups you have had. 

Do I Need to Carry My Wedding Dress in a Carry-On Suitcase? 

No, you don’t need to carry your wedding attire in a carry-on suitcase. I did because I was too afraid to mail it and would’ve had to pay extra to bring it on the flight.

How Many Suitcases Should I Carry?

This depends on you, I don’t recommend bringing more than 4, as it gets pretty expensive with the more you have and how heavy they are. But then again so does mailing your stuff. You may find carrying 4+ suitcases difficult so I advised against anything more than that. 

How Can I Find Additional Documents for the Relationship Tracker?

Be sure to check out the requirements of the country you are moving to and with your partner about any additional documentation needed for the immigration and marriage process. I included for you what I needed to bring, every situation is different so please double-check what specific thing your country needs as laws are always changing.