Closing the Distance the Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Closing the Distance

Have you and your partner started talking about closing the distance? 

Then download this free guide to help get y’all on your way to living the life and love you have always imagined.

Here's What You'll Get Inside

✨The entire process we used to help prepare us for closing the distance so you and your partner can start planning now instead of stressing later.

✨Finally, know the signs if you and your partner are ready to live together. 

✨You’ll get the packing guide and shipping tips that I used to help get my entire life to another continent. 

✨Along with self-care strategies to help make the move much easier for both of y’all. 

✨Start celebrating the love y’all have created and stop stressing about closing the distance

Hey there!! We’re Jasmin and Tuomas, the LDR Couple behind JazzUpYourWanderlust. 

We started our long distance journey in February 2017 where we met online in a pokemon gaming league. 

We officially closed the distance between us in October 2020. 

Our mission is to help other couples to have healthy long distance relationships and to provide the tools for them to achieve their dream of closing the distance. 

As well as providing tips to help couples with adjusting to their new lives together after closing the distance.