LDR Guide: 7 Tips For Planning Dates During Meet-Ups

Planning for a Meet-Up can be overwhelmingly exciting. Soon, you and your partner will be talking about all the things you have wanted to do together.

Maybe go to that one restaurant you know they’ll love. 

Or how about that one spot where y’all can just sit and watch the clouds go by?

All of a sudden both of y’all’s minds are filled with ideas and endless possibilities of the things you want to do together. Then you realize you only have a limited amount of time to do all of these things. 

So before you and your partner get totally overwhelmed by emotions sit back and check out these 9 tips for planning dates during meet-ups.

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Talk About What Things You Want to Do Together

When you start planning date ideas, make a big list of all the things you want to do together during this visit. 

Then narrow that list down to five. These five dates should be activities that y’all want to do together. 

When planning for these dates, it’s important to talk about the money end of things. Always be upfront and honest when it comes to your money situation. 

Who said talking about money isnt romantic?

When you and your partner sit down to talk about finances as well as plan dates with each other it allows for open and honest communication. This is a great way to also build trust with each other. 

These are skills that will carry over during meet-ups and for when you close the distance. 

Leave Some Room for Spontaneity 

While planning your dates for meet-ups I highly encourage you to leave a day or exploring without a real plan.

By allowing room for spontaneity it allows you and your partner to go back to the early stages of your relationship. 

The stage where everything is shiny and new. This stage allows you to explore and travel the unknown together. 

It also helps you to break away from the routine of daily life. Especially, if you’re the partner that’s hosting the meet-up.

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Plan an All Day Date For Your Partner 

We started doing this after our third meet-up and it has been a lot of fun. We will plan an all-day date for the other. 

Yes, I totally got this idea from watching anime

I just loved the idea of Tuomas planning an entire date for me. It was also exciting to see what things he would pick out for us to do together and following him to each spot. 

We first got lunch with his Grandfather at this really cool restaurant, then went to a museum, the movies, and got some drinks, and ate dinner. 

We carried that tradition when he came to the US. Our date in the US we went to two theme parks and a winery. 

Normally the one who is hosting for the date will pay for a majority of the expenses. For us, these dates are a way to give appreciation to each other. Wanting to plan something special for them so they can enjoy it.

I will also pay for some of my own things on dates like this because I want to thank him for loving me so much.  

Spend Time with Friends + Family 

Each meet-up you should really try to plan to spend some one-on-one time with your partner’s family and friends. 

This is beneficial to maintaining a long distance relationship. It makes it easier for both you and your partner when you have people that support the relationship in your everday life.  

Your friends and family are going to be those pieces that keep the puzzle together.

Also, you want to be friends with your partner’s important people. Sure there will be some that you would do better without knowing, but if your partner considers them important then look at it through their lens.

This will also help you form friendships as well. Which is something important for when you and your partner decide to close the distance. 

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Schedule Some Downtime With Each Other

While you in the process of all the scheduling and planning. Make sure you keep some days empty to just chill where y’all are staying at.

This gives you and your partner time to reflect and recharge.

You can use this time to Netflix and Chill, read books, or play board games together.

Basically, to do any laid back activity together. This is also a perfect time to go to the grocery store and have a dinner date at home.

These types of dates allow you and your partner to slow down, and enjoy the precious moments. Moments like these are how y’all overcome the distance. 

Treat Yo’ Self 

There is always going to be one partner traveling to meet the other person. To the person that’s doing the traveling, plan a day or two in the trip where you treat yourself to some self-care.

Go out and have a solo adventure, and create some needed time for yourself. 

We like doing this because sometimes the partner that is hosting can’t break away from their everyday life

When Tuomas came to visit me in the US, I still had to go to work. So he planned for his own adventures and things he could do in the area. That way he is able to explore and have some time for himself.

The same for when I went to Finland, there was one day he had to finish up school work. So I went on my own little adventure until he could meet-up with me. It gave us space to do what we needed to do and I was able to get him his Christmas present. 

I also did this during out first meet-up. I was with him for 10 days then went to Denmark on the way back to the US. 

To this day I think that was one of the best decisions I made.

As it gave me time to think about the relationship as well as helped me to imagine where we’d be in three years. 

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Take Some Pictures, Then Ditch The Phone

When you’re on a date with your partner it’s real easy to get excited and want to take pictures and record everything so that you won’t forget it. 

That’s fine but then you need to ditch your phone.

My rule of thumb is to talk to your partner about how much phone usage is the right amount. Then once you know that work with it.

I am all for taking pictures and showing your partner to the world, but also remember you are on this meet-up to spend time with them in person

Talking About Finances in a Long Distance Relationship 

Whenever you are planning dates or meet-ups the topic of finances should also be discussed. It is important that throughout your long distance journey that you remain open and transparent about your money situation. 

A partnership is equal when it comes to expenses, which can include the costs of flights, stays, and food.

If you are having a hard time affording some of the things your partner wants to do then let them know. 

It’s better to be honest than trying to put up a front by living a life that you can’t afford. 

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