How to Tell Your Friends That You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

When my Snowman and I started our long distance relationship, I didn’t know how our friends or family would react. 

Well that’s a lie 🙄

I knew that they would both be happy for me but I also knew that they would question the relationship.

I mean it’s completely understandable.

They wanted to make sure I was being safe, wasn’t getting taken advantage of or, even worse, that I wasn’t going to get catfished

So before they could even give me a barrage of questions. 

Questions that would end up making me second guess my life 😵

I wanted to ease their minds about the situation. 

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When Is The Right Time to Tell Everyone You’re in a Long Distance Relationship?

I have always hated this idea of waiting for the right time to do something. Sure everything has a time and it’s place but waiting for a moment, let alone the right one?

Nah I rather create it. 

This could be a control issue, it could be from anxiety, who knows.

All I know is, I was happy to have told my friends and family that my Snowman and I were dating shortly after we started.

Also by telling friends and family about your partner early on will help them understand who your partner is and learn about y’all’s relationship.

They literally see y’all grow into a couple. 

By developing this trust with your family, it will make it easier for them to get used to the idea of a long distance partner.

This will also make them more on board when you travel to meet your partner for the first time.  

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Understand Their Concerns Before Talking to Them

Now before you create your moment to tell people about your long distance relationship take a step back.

I want you to really take a second to understand your peoples fears and worries. 

When you have shows like Catfished and 90 Day Fiance, who really wants to trust that a long distance relationship can work?

I’m not hating, I love both of those shows 💁‍♀️

I just want you to understand that, that’s what people think a long distance relationship is. Which means, you need to show them that your relationship won’t be crazy.

Also you should understand that fear is a defense mechanism. It’s put there in place to protect us.

Your friends and family want you to be safe and don’t want to see you get hurt. A great way to reassure some of their concerns is by researching the area your partner lives in. 

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Be Prepared 

Since my Snowman lives in Finland, I researched the country as well as the city he lived in. I did this for two reasons. 

One, because I love him and want to know things like that. Two, it would be a great arsenal for when I was going to tell everyone about him. 

When you first tell someone you’re in a relationship the first thing they want to see is pictures. They will also want to know absolutely everything you know plus more.

A key factor to telling everyone about your partner is being at the point where you trust your partner. 

This means taking time to really get to know and understand each other. To learn more about each other, and of course doing lots of video calls. 

Once you have created these memories with your partner it’ll be easier to tell everyone about them.

This will also help build your confidence in the relationship.

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Talk About Your Relationship 

Again, your friends and family are going to be worried about you. It’s natural.

A way to help relieve some of their anxiety would be for you to go into detail about your new relationship. 

You know, paint them a picture. 

Start off by explaining to your friends and family how y’all met. Don’t be shy about it either. Feel proud that you found love in such an amazing way!

I mean imagine everyone’s faces when I told them that my Snowman and I met through Pokemon. 🤔

Also, just remember this is a story you will tell over and over again. So it’s best to get used to it now 😆 

Then let them know how y’all talk to each other. Once you let your people know that y’all talk using video and voice calls you will immediately feel the tension ease. That’s the sound of relief.

Then finish strong with “I know the risks of online dating” to your people. That phrase is like the hand-washing of online dating. 

If your people are still worried about things after the talk, ask your partner to schedule a video meet + greet with them. This will also be a great opportunity to introduce your people to them. 

When it comes to long distance relationships, having more friends and family around to support your decision will make things a lot easier in the long run. 

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Be Patient With Your People 

There will be times where people don’t support your decision to be in a long distance relationship. The way I see it, you have two ways to deal with it. 

You can either cut them out of your life, or you can learn to develop patience for that person.

My preferred route is patience 🧘‍♀️ Unless people are rude, then I’ll cut them out 🔪

One way to practice patience is to take time and listen to their thoughts. It might be frustrating but think of it as a chance to practice active listening.  

Then, if they are the type that like to give you advice, then ask for it. It’ll help put their mind at ease. 

You never know, they could help you in an unexpected way 💖

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Have Confidence 

When you do make the decision to tell everyone that you’re in a long distance relationship, you should be confident about it.

It’s important to show those around you how confident you are in your relationship because it let’s them know that you are serious. 

That your relationship isn’t just some fling.

That’s why it’s vital to share with your people the confidence you have in the relationship’s success. Let them know that your and your partner trust each other and how happy your partner makes you feel. 

If you’re having a hard time building up the confidence to tell your people that you’re in a long distance relationship, then try to find an online community for LDRs. 

There are a ton of communities on various platforms like instagram, facebook, and reddit. You could also join our discord community by clicking this link

An online community will better help you feel more connected to others who are going through the same situation as you are. 

You can also ask members of the community for advice on how you should tell your people and listen to their experiences.  

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Don’t Worry About Closing the Distance

When you do tell your people about your long distance relationship, I know people will ask you about where you’re going to live. Who’s going where. 

If you and your partner haven’t had that talk yet, then let your people know it’s still undecided. 

Honestly with my Snowman and I, we didn’t know who was going to end up where until after we got engaged. 

It’s okay to not have the answer for that yet. In fact, let your people know that it will take time to consider the pros and cons and that y’all haven’t made a decision yet. 

By doing this you let your people see that you are taking things seriously and not jumping the gun to move. 

How To Tell Everyone You’re in a Long Distance Relationship 

The best time to tell everyone you’re in a long distance relationship is when you know you can trust your partner. 

Trust is built up over time. 

Trusting your partner comes after you and your partner have gotten to know each other and have done numerous video and voice calls. 

Are you about to tell your friends and family you’re in a long distance relationship? Drop a comment letting me know your thoughts on telling everyone the great news!

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