Add Some Variety to Your Next LDR Date Night

Make your next date night unforgettable with The LDR Date Night Kit.

Explore more about your partner and your relationship with each date activity. 

The best part, this date night kit is instantly delivered to your inbox.

What Did You Do On Your Last LDR Date Night?

During our 3.5 years as a long distance couple, we had tried every date night out there. 

As much as I love playing games with my partner, I could only play a game but so many times before it became boring. 

Even cooking dinner together loses its special charm after doing it for the 10th time.

It seemed like the present us wasn’t as fun as the real life couple version of us. 

So we started planning for our future together, hoping that would spark some excitement. 

Our dates nights soon turned into the things we wanted to do on meet-ups with each other. 

We created detailed plans for where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.

That’s when I realized we were so focused on our life in the future that we stopped focusing on the relationship that is in the present. 

Yes, our goal is to close the distance and start a life together, but what about the life we currently have together?

Shouldn’t your current date nights be filled with fun memories of each other while you’re were apart?

These are the moments that will help your relationship work even after closing the distance. 

We all talk about how the distance is hard. That means we need to create more memories with your partner at a distance.

Instead of just remembering the sense of sadness and wanting your partner to be with you. 

That’s why we created The LDR Date Night Kit.


Are Your Date Nights Starting to Feel Like This?


Did we do this the last date night or did you have déjà vu?


Always having the same conversation without learning anything new.


That you've done every date idea out there multiple times.


Or that Google is your official third wheel on your online dates?

Make Your Next Date Night Memorable

Tuomas and I like to create different things to do during our date nights. It reminds us of gaming and how we like to create new experiences with the game to make it feel different. 

That’s why we started researching what elements make up a perfect date night. 

Then we applied the love languages and ways to build intimacy with your partner while in a long distance relationship.

We needed all those elements in order create the perfect date night for you and your partner. 

The LDR Date Night Kit provides you and your partner ways to reignite the spark in your long distance relationships.

We kept a balance of short and long dates in order to make you and your partner feel more connected to each other.

Let us do all the heavy lifting of creating the date, while you and your partner focus on having fun with each other.

What to Expect in Your Inbox

Made by an LDR Couple for LDR Couples

Hey! We’re Jasmin and Tuomas.

We are a former LDR couple who successfully Closed the Distance in October 2020.

The long distance portion of our relationship started in 2017, and after being together for so long we understand how the time apart from each other is the key to making an LDR work. 

Each date night was our way of telling each other that we loved and wanted to create fun memories together even while we are apart. 

I was always so jealous of those date night boxes that couples got to do together. I wanted to create an LDR version so couples can be excited for their next date night. 

I want to surprise you and your partner each month with fun dates that will help y’all close the distance even if it’s only for one night. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I have done everything in my power to make The LDR Date Night Kit the most amazing long distance date night program out there.

I KNOW you and your partner will enjoy this date night together because Tuomas and I had a lot of fun on this date as well.

If you’re undecided or if other relationship courses have left you skeptical, then I want to give you the chance to “buy it and try it” with confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through The LDR Date Nigth Kit so you and your partner can make use of each activity and through the discussion prompts inside.


Who is This For?

This date night is for couples that have to use the computer a lot in their relationship. Whether you are separated by distance or unable to see the person you love right now. 

Do we have to finish the date night in the month?

I recommend that you finish the date night in January but if you can’t that’s fine, take as long as you need. 

Will the kit include everything I need? Or will I need to go buy something?

The date night comes with a recommended menu for the appetizers and you may need to purchase small items to do the activity. There is a free way to do the activity, it has been provided in the kit. 

My partner is in the military. Can we still do the date night?

Yes, you can still have a fun date night together even if you can’t always talk because of the military, work, or any other life reasons. I have included ways the activities can be done even if you can’t spend a lot of time with your partner. 

Do I need access to the internet for the date?

You do not need to be on any browser to do the date night. The LDR Date Night Kit is a PDF file so you can download it and print it off for later. 

Can I do this with long distance friends and family?

While The LDR Date Night Kit is designed for couples, it absolutely can be used to stay connected with friends and family who are at a distance.