50 Questions to Ask in a LDR

50 Question You Must Ask Your LDR Partner to Strengthen Your Relationship


I’m not sure why but even though you can be on the phone with your LDR partner everyday sometimes it feels like  something is missing… you still want to get to know them on a deeper level… see a side you’ve never seen before. 

No worries, I got you 🥰

With these 50 deep questions you’ll be able to learn more about the inner workings of your long distance relationship and as well talk about what the future of the relationship would look like. This fillable workbook contains questions that tackle that hard topics that you might have always wanted to know about your partner but were waiting for the right time to ask. 

No matter how long you have been in a long distance relationship, these questions will truly get you and your partner more connected. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside:

  • This workbook contains 50 questions that will help spark deep meaningful discussion along with a fillable PDF file. You can fill out the questions online and print it off when you’re done.
  • You and your partner will create a stronger connection by talking about the things outside your usual conversations.
  • build a solid foundation for planning for the future together with your partner. 
  • help you to create time for each other by breaking away from your normal routines and the daily hustle and grind of life. 

Here's What Other's Have Said:

“We found out some new stuff about ourselves and also we discovered our different points of view for the same things.”

@i_dimitrievska (Russia + Macedonia )

“It had a lot of deep personal questions and also it really made us talk about things outside of the box. Things that we wouldn’t normally talk about.”

@long_distance_relationship_bl (England + Sri Lanka)