Love Language Workbook

Love Langauge Workbook, 10 Day Love Language Challenge, and LDR Discussions Vol 2. 


You’re in an multi-lingual relationship or long distance relationship and you keep wondering if it’s the language difference that’s the problem or is there something else going on with your communication.

No need to stress, you’ve come to the right place 😊

Give your relationship a language reset by understanding the 5 love languages and how they provided the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Tuomas and I still refer back to subjects in this workbook when we feel like our communication needs some fine-tuning. 

Here's What's Inside

  • You and your partner will be understand the unique way y’all want to be loved through the love language
  • Become better at expressing you emotions with the psychologist approved feelings chart and feelings wheel 
  • Dive deeper into your love language with LDR Discussion Vol 2 and discover more about yourself. 
  • 10 Day Love Challenge to apply what you have learned about each other’s love language to build a solid foundation in your relationship 
  • …and so much more!!!