For the LDR Couple That's Ready to Feel Confident in Their Relationship's Future

Let me help you go from feeling uncertain of your relationship’s future to feeling secure and confident so you and your partner can be one step closer to closing the distance and finally start experiencing real life together. 

Get the help from a coach who understands the struggles of LDRs and will show you how to overcome them by teaching you how to do the inner work

As a former LDR couple I understand the feelings of uncertainty clouded around your relationship’s future. You might have thought to yourself:

“I’m worried that we’ll get bored of each other”

“Will my partner get tired of waiting for me?”

“I don’t want our communication to break down” 

“Will my partner misunderstand me”

What will our life look like after we have closed the distance?”

Will they still love me once we’re finally together…?”

I hear you and completely understand the pain and fear you are facing right now. All the couples who I have worked with have felt that way too.

Here’s the thing none of them were failing, unworthy, or had bad communication in their LDRs.

It turns out that they had the communication skills, able to understand their partner, and able to reignite the passion in their long distance relationship. 

If you want to do the same and feel more confident in your LDR and mapping out the future of your relationship while working on your insecurities and fears then let’s work together. 

Who is This For?

Tired of Misunderstandings

For the couple who is tired of feeling misunderstood and is ready do the inner work so that you can feel confident during the distance 

Want to Have Clearer Communication

For the couple that wants to know how they can have clearer communication and be a more supportive partner without giving up their own independence.

Want to Feel Confident in their LDR's future

For the couple who is feeling bored and unsure in the distance and unsure of the next step to take in your relationship’s future. 

"Thanks to Jasmin, my partner and I have realised how important working together as a team is. We are better at handling conflicts and able to point out what we need from each other. Jasmin really helped to make our connection stronger. "
Sowon & Gunha
LDR Germany to USA

How My Program Works

Phase 1

During the first 3 weeks we’re going to take a look back at your LDR journey.  

This helps me to understand you, your decision making process, and how these things effect you current LDR. 

We will then start looking ahead to identify your LDR blind spots, how you can be a more supportive partner, and understand the patterns that keep you and your partner from progressing in your LDR.

Phase 2

The next 2 weeks we’ll focus on who YOU want to become and the type of person you want to be for your partner. 

We’ll take time to discuss what type of LDR experience you want and who you need to become so you and your partner can have clear communication and be on the same page for the future. 

This will help you better understand how to communicate effectively and become more confident within your LDR. 

Phase 3

The next 3 weeks are all about teaching you about being a more supportive partner while also empowering you to achieve your dreams. 

Learn how to communicate confidently with your partner, enjoy your time together in the distance without the fear of misunderstandings or worry if your partner will get tired of waiting for you. 

You will feel more confident and secure in your connection with your partner no matter the distance apart. 

As well as have the tools you need to help you and your partner to close the distance. 

A great relationship is not when the perfect couple comes together. 

It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

✓ – 8 x 60 min. coaching sessions

✓ – A personalized LDR Roadmap designed for you based on who you are and what you desire for your relationship and its future. While taking into consideration of your love languages and attachment style. 

✓ – Confidence and clarity on how to identify communication blocks in your LDR and what causes them. While providing you with the tools to overcome misunderstandings so you can have more confidence in your LDR

✓ – An understanding of how to overcome any anxiety and fear of the future you face in your LDR and how to confidently discuss these fears openly with your partner.

✓ – Access to me between sessions and to help you with accountability.