2023 Guide: Must-Have Long Distance Relationship Gifts

I think buying gifts is so hard when you’re in an international long distance relationship. 

First you have to get the gift, box it up, THEN mail it your partner.

That’s just way too many steps in my humble opinion. That’s why I really like sites like Etsy.

Etsy is a great way to support small business globally. 

Not to mention that every item on this list is easier for you to ship directly to your partner, no matter what part of the world the live in.

Because I know there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect gift for your partner and not being able to mail it directly to them. 

I spent hours looking over Etsy to find the best gifts for to give to your partner. 

Whether you are giving them a gift for the holidays, anniversary, or just because you want to show them how much you love them. 

Some of these gifts are so good that you might want to buy for yourself 😏

No worries though, when y’all get to the point of closing the distance you’ll be able to have them in your new place. 

As a fond memory of your time spent in a long distance relationship. 

Alright if you’re ready let’s jump right in!

19 Must Have Long Distance Relationship Gifts 

~*This post may contain affiliate links to products I found that are perfect for long distance relationships. This means when you purchase using my link below I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.*~

LDR Gift #1: Custom Spotify Glass Frame 

When Tuomas and I were still at a distance we had a few songs that we would claim as our relationship songs. Our songs were “Location” by Khalid and “Slow Me Down” by Devin Townsend. 

These songs were special to us and represented our relationship. 

This Custom Spotify Glass Frame is a great way for you to share the special song y’all have with your partner. 

What I love most about this particular version is it’s frame, the frame comes in choices of gold and black and you can set it up pratically anywhere in your home without having to worry bout nailing it to a wall. 

I lived in apartments for too long and hated nailing things I much rather set it up on a nightstand or dresser. 

You can find the Custom Spotify Glass Frame here on Etsy

LDR Gift #2: Water Color Photo Portrait 

I have this obsession with anything watercolor. To me, watercolor just makes things look more romantic and magical. 

With this water color portrait you send in any couples photo and get them to turn your priceless memory together into a beautiful masterpiece.

This would be great if there’s a picture of y’all that you love but hate the background of. 

Maybe the picture was taken pre-covid and there were too many people in the background or someone shamelessly photo-bombed it. 

Or maybe you are a couple who hasn’t met yet but hasn’t let creativity deter them from taking fun pictures together. 

You can find this Water Color Photo Portrait here on Etsy

LDR Gift #3: Custom Paint by Number Kit 

Has your partner picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic? I know a couple of my friends have gotten into paint by number kits. 

If your partner is like my friends, I know they would enjoy painting a custom paint by number photo of the two of y’all on your last meet-up together. 

This would be a great way to relive a fun memory of the times when travel was a lot easier. 

This custom paint by number kit also includes paints and paintbrushes so you won’t have to worry about getting additional supplies. 

You can find this Custom Paint by Number Kit here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #4: Custom Photo Puzzle 

Another pastime that the pandemic brought out was people’s love of jigsaw puzzles. Now you can get your and your partner’s picture on this Custom Photo Puzzle

What impresses me the most about this particular shop is that they give you an official box to keep the puzzles pieces in. 

So you and your partner can keep enjoying the puzzle for many years without worrying about where to store the pieces. 

You can get the Custom Photo Puzzle here on Etsy

LDR Gift #5: LED Heart Shaped Photo Collage 

Maybe you’re having a hard time just choosing one picture for the previously mentioned gifts. I mean if it’s a picture of y’all together then I know it has to be great. 

I always had a hard time buying electrical gifts for Tuomas because I would end up forgetting about the different plugs. 

With this gift you don’t have to worry about that, as it requires Lithium batteries. 

You can make this gift a fun surprise too. Tell your partner to go pick up some Lithium batteries from the store in preparation for the gift. 

They will be so confused and pleasantly surprised when this Heart Shaped Photo Collage arrives at their doorstep.

Please dont forget to remind your partner they have to pick up the batteries themselves if you choose this awesome gift.

As you can’t mail Lithium batteries. 

You can check out the Heart Shaped Photo Collage here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #6: Custom Digital Portrait 

If you can’t tell I am really into giving the gift of portraits and memories to your partner.

This is because I think photos of the two of y’all together help light up a room when you are going through the lonely time in a long distance relationship.

The Custom Digital Portrait is also a great way of introducing your partner to the people who are close to you. 

When you have pictures of y’all around your living space it makes it easier for people who are in close proximity relationships to see how much you love each other. 

Since this is a digital gift, it makes it perfect for those last minute purchases.

You can find the Custom Digital Portrait here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #7: Custom Body Pillow 

If you are in a long distance relationship then by now you have probably heard of the love languages if not you can check out this post here to get all caught up on them. 

Tuomas’ primary love language is physical touch. So in the moments we really missed each other we would hope on a video call and squeeze something soft together. 

It was a great way for us to show that love language and how much we wanted to hug each other. 

A picture of your partner on a body pillow will be taking that to the next level, and it’s perfect during the middle of the night when you wish your partner was by your side

You can find the Custom Body Pillow here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #8: Couples Quote Pillow Case 

In the off chance that a body pillow might not be your cup of tea I would recommend this Couples Quote Pillow Case instead.

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation then this gift would make their entire year. 

This gift is perfect for those love languages as you are able to give them something while also delivering a meaningful and heartfelt message to them. 

Plus the reviews say that everything in her shop is super soft. Which makes it even more comforting to squeeze when y’all are missing each other. 

Send your partner a personalized pillow case and share with them how much they mean to you. 

You can check out the Couple Quote Pillow Case here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #9: Closing the Distance Certificates 

If you and your partner are planning on closing the distance this year, then you should make it official with this Closing the Distance Certificate

It’s time that y’all celebrate unlocking that achievement skill for surviving a long distance relationship. 

Bonus this is another shop ran by a fellow LDR warrior I have had the pleasure of meeting on Instagram.

Her shop contains a lot of LDR goodies like this Closing the Distance Certificate that you can have downloaded making for another great last minute gift. There is also a printed option available!

Michelle and her partner Ayoub have been in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years and plan on closing the distance in 2021 as well. 

You can get your copy of the Closing the Distance Certificate here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #10: Pac Man Matching Face Masks

I can’t tell you when the pandemic will end but I can say these Pac Man Face Masks are absolutely adorable! 

Since face masks are the new norm when travelling why not have a mask that you can wear together while you are apart. 

Then when you have your next meet-up you will be able to join again with your other half physically and safely with a face mask.

You can find these Matching Pac Man Face Masks here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #11: Wasa-Bae Matching Face Masks

Alright alright, I had to include these face masks too because they are just too cute!! And their ear strap is different than the one I just mentioned. 

If you and your partner love sushi then these Matching Wasa-Bae Face Masks will surely make their day. 

And it’ll probably make them laugh because who doesn’t love a good sushi pun? 

Your partner will be soy glad that you got this for them. 

You can find these Matching Wasa-Bae Face Masks here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #12: Smitten Mittens

Tuomas and I chose to close the distance in Finland. And if there is one thing I can say about Finland is that it is very cold. 

When we’re walking we definitely need to have gloves on, but having gloves on makes it harder to hold hands while walking.

Smitten Mittens must’ve known about this when they made these hand holding gloves. Now it’s easier to hold hands with your partner without losing a glove. 

If you partner lives in a cold place then this will be a fun gift to give them for when y’all are reunited again. 

These mittens are cute, hilarious, and the kinda energy we need to see more of in 2021. 

You can find the Smitten Mittens here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #13: Pokemon Keychain

Tuomas and I met online while playing in a competitive pokemon league. Our battlefield was on a server called Pokemon Showdown where you can play against people from around the world.

Pokemon will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is what brought us together. 

Whether your partner are into the competitive aspect, the anime, or pure nostalgia reasons I think we can agree that Pokemon showed you what it meant to finding a good partner to explore the world with. 

If your partner is the best catch then they will love this Pokemon Keychain

This shop has a lot of keychain options available if you just happened to not be Pokemon fanatics like us 

You can check out the Pokemon Keychain here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #14: Customized Lock

There’s something romantic about engraved locks. It symbolizes the love you and your partner have for each other; strong and secure. 

Since the Customized Locks are compact, this would be a great “last day together gift” if you want to sneak something into your partner’s suitcase right before they leave. 

What I love about this particular shop and its locks, is that you can add an initial on each key. 

That way, if you decide to place the lock on a lock bridge you can still have the keys close to you as a precious memory.

You can find the Customized Lock here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #15: Set of Two Long Distance Touch Lamps 

I feel like a gift guide wouldn’t be complete with these touch lamps. 

I’m not going to sugar coat things, long distance relationships are hard, the distance doesn’t get easier, it instead becomes more bearable. 

These Long Distance Touch Lamps are a great way to stay connected with your partner no matter the distance. 

You can let your partner know how much you love and miss them with only one touch. 

You can check out these Long Distance Touch Lamps here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #16: Letter Blanket 

Remember in the beginning when I said there might be a few gifts you want to give yourself? This is definitely one of those gifts. 

Receiving letters from your partner is one of the most magical things in LDRs. You get to see and hear words from their heart, letting you know how much you mean to them.

If there was one letter you find yourself reading over and over again to give you comfort while apart then you should get your favorite part of the letter on this Letter Blanket.

That way you can get all cozy and wrapped up in your partner’s love.

You can find the Letter Blanket here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #17: T-Shirt Quilt 

Missing your partner and want to have a piece of them with you? 

Then you can totally make this T-Shirt Quilt a date night activity.

Here’s how; get on a call with your partner and go through all your old t-shirts, especially the ones that have seen better days, and put them in a pile. 

Afterward, lay them out in the pattern you want, take a picture, and get those t-shirts made into a quilt.

Then have the quilts sent to each other’s address that way you can have a piece of them when you go to sleep at night. 

You can check out this T-Shirt Quilt here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #18: Message in a Bottle 

Y’all this gift is too cute!! 

I love the attention to detail in every part of the process and the fact this shop puts so much detail in the packaging, if you want to see then check out the last pictures of this item in their shop. 

You and your partner will both be amazed. 

Another great gift option if you want to slip it into their suitcase before they leave. 

You could also mail the Message in a Bottle directly to your partner or make it part of the next care package you send them.  

You can find the Message in a Bottle here on Etsy. 

LDR Gift #19: Double Name Ring 

Is your partner into wearing rings? If so then I know they will love this Double Name Ring. 

Rings are a great way to show your partner that you are committed to each other, something all couples want to hear and feel in a long distance relationship.

Gifting a ring is also a great way to talk about the next steps y’all want to take together in the relationship. 

Whatever phase y’all are in I know your partner will appreciate this ring on their finger. 

You can find the Double Name Ring here on Etsy. 

Are You Ready to Check Out These Must-Have Long Distance Relationship Gifts?

No matter what gift you pick on this guide I can already tell you that you’re partner is going to love it.

You know why?

It’s because it came from you, and you put in time and effort to search for the most perfect gift for them.

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