The Love Language Date Night Will Simplify

How to use the 5 Love Languages in a Long Distance Relationship

Ways to Show Love on a Deeper Level with your Long Distance Partner

What it means to be an Emotionally Intelligent Partner

How to use Emotional Intelligence with the Love Languages

The 4 Reason Why Long Distance Relationships Fail

Emotional Needs Are Unfulfilled

It could be because of our cultures and a combination of how we were raised. But not everyone has the same emotional needs as you do, and if they don’t understand your emotional needs they become unfulfilled.

Then You Grow Apart

Just like close-proximity relationships, if poor communication, unavailability, and lack of emotional support occur. Then the relationship will not be successful and eventually, you and your partner will grow further apart.


Whether it’s a cultural difference, language barriers, or lack of emojis used during text. These are some areas where your communication with your partner becomes affected. If you and your partner are having a hard time communicating then it could cause you to doubt the relationship. It makes you wonder, is this person really the one for me?

Different Schedules

LDRs also have to be open about scheduling time for each other. If you can’t schedule a time to have a video call or date nights, then it will be hard to create new memories in your relationship. When you have time zones and your personal life against you, you need to be a team to coordinate your schedules. That way no one feels chained down by their cell phone.

You Don’t Need to be Another Statistic

Those of us in the LDR Community are always reminded of the success rate of long distance relationships.

We didn’t want to be a failed statistic nor should you be one either.


+You Can Feel Fulfilled

+You Can Finally Navigate through Misunderstandings

+You Can Have Clear Communication

+You Can Have a Thriving Long Distance Relationship

Our Journey Learning the Love Languages

When we first started dating, we came across the 5 Love Languages.

I had heard about the 5 Love Languages through friends, it was something they did together with their partners. I remember thinking, I want what they have, I want a healthy relationship with Tuomas.

I wanted to prove to the world that long-distance relationships can work, and we wanted to prove that we can learn how to love each other so that one day we can close the distance.


After we took the test we had learned about our Love Languages, but there were some missing pieces.

-We didn’t understand how to communicate using these Love Languages and 

-We didn’t understand how to fully express our wants and needs to each other.


So, we did what every internet love story couple does.

We asked Google.

Google, did not disappoint either. It was full of resources on the 5 Love Languages from other amazing bloggers.

But they were all still missing something 🧐

They had all left out how to do it.

Now, I am giving you the tools that we used so you and your partner can overcome the distance as well. 

That’s why I created The Love Language Date Night. 

This workbook was created specifically for those in long distance relationships. Those that are hours apart whether it’s because time zones or the distance needed to travel. 

I wanted to find a way to help those in long distance relationships bridge the communication gap. While also overcoming the hurdles of misunderstandings and language barriers.

What if You Could Crush the Distance in One Date Night?

The Love Language Date Night 

For the past few years, I have been researching the love languages and how to use them in a long distance relationship. But I needed to take it one step further so that couples could fully understand how to use them in their long distance relationship.

On this Date Night you and your partner will explore the love languages using:

The Love Language Workbook 

+Start off your date night by taking the quiz and finding out your love language

+Discover each other’s love languages and how to use them 

+Unlock your relationships hidden potential by understanding emotional intelligence


LDR Discussions Vol 2 

+40 thought-provoking questions that will make you dive deeper into the relationship

+You’ll learn how to ask for what you want in the relationship in a way that’s more likely to help you get it.

+If you both fully participate, you’ll be able to understand what it takes to close the distance.  


10 Day Love Challenge

+10 Days to fully explore how to use the love languages in a long-distance relationship

+Create lasting habits to make your relationship feel closer.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

– How did you and your partner talk about these things? 

– How did y’all learn to understand each other through the love languages?

– How come we’re still not getting it after we learned about it?


It took us 3 years, 3 years to fully understand how to use the love languages.

We only knew how to apply the love languages but we didn’t fully understand how to use them in a long distance relationship.

Until this past year.

It was in the middle of Covid when all the plans we had made were literally falling apart.

Everything that we had been planning for the wedding, gone just like that. We were also going through our own personal challenges that were affected by the pandemic.

Then one day, we had a huge argument. A why the hell am I in a long distance relationship type of argument.

I had so much anger from all the mess in my life, and he was having anxiety from his. We were on a voice call and I felt like we couldn’t emotionally understand each other.

That’s when I remembered his primary love languages are quality time and physical touch

So I did a video call with him and what a world of a difference it made! 

We were able to clearly get both of our thoughts out, see each other’s emotions, and fully understand what each other was feeling.

That’s when I realized, we were combining the love languages and emotional intelligence together. We had to understand that the love languages were just the surface level understanding of each other’s wants and needs.

What we really needed to understand was how to use both the love languages and emotional intelligence together. 

As soon as we realized that everything began to click

We were able to talk about harder things, things we felt too vulnerable to talk about before. 

We felt happier and more secure in our relationship, we were having fewer arguments and misunderstandings.

It felt like we were actually closer to each other. 

The distance wasn’t a barrier anymore, it no longer was an obstacle. 

Love Languages + Emotional Intelligence = LDR Success

These were all the things we were struggling to understand and didn’t understand until we had that huge argument.

We understood how to use the Love Languages in our Long Distance Relationship.

Especially when we were lonely and missing each other

What we didn’t understand was how to use the Love Languages to deepen our connection in our Long Distance Relationship.

It was hard communicating with Tuomas at first. He’s from Finland, and he really didn’t show much emotion in the beginning. 

Which was something I knew when we started dating. Honestly, I fell in love with his brain first.

Sapiosexual 🧠

Even though I fell in love with his mind, I still wanted parts of him to be caring, loving, and gentle with me.

Not just analytical.

I was also having a hard time showing my feelings to him. As an American, I always come on a bit too strong and pushy with my love for him.

We were using the Love Languages but we still weren’t understanding how to apply them in our thinking

There was still one more link we needed to connect.

That’s when we discovered we needed to apply Emotional Intelligence with the Love Languages.

The Love Languages weren’t the be all, end all, it was actually just the first step down the path of understanding how your partner loves.

The Love Languages were also designed for people in Close Proximity Relationships. It wasn’t designed for Long Distance Relationships.

Well, at least it originally wasn’t.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I have done everything in my power to make The Love Language Date Night the simplest, most effective long distance relationship strengthening program available.

I KNOW it works because it’s the exact same tools and exercises we have used to overcome the distance.

If you’re undecided or if other relationship courses have left you skeptical, then I want to give you the chance to “buy it and try it” with confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through the toolkit, complete the workbook, discussion book, and the relationship challenge.


Who Is The Love Language Date Night For?

It’s for all couples in a long distance relationship, whether you’re a seasoned LDR warrior or if you are new to the community. This Date Night is all about learning and understanding your partner more.

Is Love Language Date Night a Digital or Physical Product?

The Love Language Date Night is a digital product, you will have access to save and copy a PDF file onto your computer.

If you are having any difficulty downloading the Love Language Date Night please email me at so I can help you to get the download.

Is the Love Language Date Night Suitable for Relationships that are Struggling?

Whether your relationship is going through a period of high or low, the Love Language Date Night will help you and your partner to learn more about how you communicate with each other.

Do Both Partners Need To Participate?

It is highly encouraged that y’all at least start the date night together. The Discussion Workbook is available to be filled in online. I have also included instructions on how to perform and complete the challenge if you are unable to do a call 10 days in a row.

Who shouldn’t do the Date night?

This course isn’t intended for those that haven’t had a voice or video call yet.