7 Ways to Get Rid of Nerves Before Closing the Distance LDR

Closing the distance is the dream of every long distance couple. Everyone is slowly working towards the day where their partner and them can finally be together. 

If you’re in an international relationship like us, that means one of you will be leaving the country and everything that you know, not to mention the ones you love.

People will call you brave, courageous, yet all you are feeling at the moment is nervous. 

Some of the what if’s start popping up in your mind like, “What if we don’t work out?”. 

I want you to know that you are not alone, the nerves you are feeling are equivalent to getting “cold feet” before marriage. 

You and your partner are about to embark on this wonderful journey together as a couple that lives together. 

Now I will share with you how we got rid of nerves before finally closing the distance. 

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Allow Yourself to Feel Nervous 

It’s pretty amazing how closely related nerves and excitement are to each other. The week before closing the distance I was so nervous, anxious, and I was also a bit jumpy.

I was a train wreck and all over the place 🙈

Closing the distance is a huge change. It is a commitment. You and your partner have every right to feel nervous. 

The nerves are a part of the process where you and your partner are both accepting the transition from being in a long distance relationship to finally closing the distance. 

So know that it’s totally okay to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling 💪

By allowing yourself to feel nervous, you are allowing yourself to acknowledge and work through your fears and nerves rather than denying them. 

These nerves and fears are a part of the process, allow yourself to feel it. Don’t worry about completely removing the fear. 

Because that fear is a form of accepting the transition you are about to make.

The important part to remember is not getting stuck or trapped in your feelings.

Instead, try to turn that fear into courage and excitement. 

This is the moment in long distance relationships that we all have been waiting for.

You are your partner are about to embark on an incredible journey together, and that’s a powerful place to be in.

In the Upcoming Weeks Give Each Other Some Space

First off, I am a huge believer in balance. Life, relationships, and food everything should have balance.

So while Tuomas and I slept on the call or relaxed in a call together, it was only the last three days before I left that we did this. 

We did this because we wanted to allow each other some time to be by ourselves and with our family before we closed the distance. 

Closing the distance and moving in together is a huge adjustment to your daily life and routine.

You and your partner should take time to enjoy in those little moments of living on your own. 

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Find Some Time to Relax

Closing the distance is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why you and your partner need to schedule in some downtime with each other.

During this downtime relax with each other on a call doing the things you have enjoyed doing during the distance. 

Right before closing the distance Tuomas and I would take naps with each other on the phone and just hang out in the call together not doing anything just enjoying each other’s “presence”.

Scheduling time to relax with your partner also gives you time to check in with each other.

It gives you time to process and understand the whirlwind of emotions that y’all are both feeling. 

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Sleep On The Phone

Sleeping on the phone with your partner is a great way to feel connected despite the distance. A lot of long distance couples I know did this a lot in the beginning of their relationship. Then over time stop doing it.

During the process of closing the distance is a great time to bring this tradition back. 

The last three nights as a long distance couple, I asked Tuomas to sleep on the call with me. 

I was having such a hard time sleeping from the nerves and excitement that I needed him on the call to soothe my fears and allow me to get some much needed sleep. 

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Watch YouTube Videos of Flights

The last three days before closing the distance were the hardest for me. My nerves were shot with everything going on around me I just felt so overstimulated.

I was so jumpy 😅😂

Granted, we were closing the distance during the middle of a pandemic so we had reasons to be nervous. There were so many changes to everything we knew.

That’s why I had to watch videos of flights to the airport I was going to.

Once I started watching the videos I immediately felt relief. That was also the moment that I started to get more excited and less nervous for closing the distance. 

Going into an airport can be very overwhelming no matter what’s going on in the world. When you watch the flights and videos of airports you have a better game plan. 

When you have a game plan, or know where you are walking to it helps get rid of any added stress you are feeling in the moment. 

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Remember Why Y’all Are Doing This

One thing I heard a lot before leaving was how brave I was for leaving the country.

When underneath it all, I was freaking out 💁‍♀️

I had to remind myself constantly that we are closing the distance because we are ready. We both are ready to start our lives together.

I am sure it’s the same way for you and your partner. When it comes time to closing the distance remember that you and your partner have been talking, working, and planning.

Doing all the things you need to do to get to this point. 

You are ready, your partner is ready, you can close the distance. 

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Talk About the Past

As we slowly got to the point of my departure Tuomas and I reflected on our long distance relationship of the years. 

When you and your partner reminisce about the past it helps y’all to better understand the journey that brought you to this point. 

All the hardships from the distance; the loneliness you felt after they left, the fun memories from date nights, and long phone conversations.

Y’all will soon become nostalgic from all those memories 🥰

This is also the start of understanding that y’all’s relationship is changing for the better.   

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Start Looking Towards the Future

Just like you and your partner are ever growing and evolving, so should the relationship. Before you close the distance, talk to your partner about some of those changes. 

Discuss with your partner about the things you want to do together now that you can finally be together everyday. 

Start to get excited from planning your daily life together, to discussing your upcoming plans for the future together.

For some that could be finding a new job in that area or planning your wedding. 

Are You Closing the Distance Soon?

Closing the distance is the most exciting part of a long distance relationship. It also is the greatest accomplishment for couples in a long distance relationship.

It’s how you know that y’all’s love made it.

Your love surpassed the test of time and distance and now you and your partner can start living the life you have always imagined. 

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