Top 10 Virtual Paint Date Night Ideas Perfect for LDRs

One of my favorite things to do with friends is to go out for a paint and sip night. It was a lot of fun learning how to paint and seeing the end result of something you created. 

It was magical 😍

Tuomas also enjoyed and impressed with the artwork I created.

However, when I told him about the experience he seemed a little jealous that he couldn’t join in too.

I wanted to share the sip and paint experience with him and create our own virtual paint date night.

10 Virtual Paint Date Night Ideas Perfect for Long Distance Relationships

When coming up with this date night, I wanted to take our relationship offline to create an experience. 

We were tired of watching youtube videos and movies together.

So I didn’t want to have to follow along with anyone on the computer. 

That’s when we found the paint by numbers. 

It was easy to print off our own copy of the paint by number, and it took the relationship offline. 

We only used the computer for the video call, which also meant we could be less distracted and more focused on creating something together. 

All of the templates can be downloaded from Etsy and printed from home!

Here’s our top 10 favorite paint by numbers templates you can find on Etsy. 

Modern Art Paint By Number

Once you and your partner start painting you’ll find that it a great way to relieve stress. Especially when you are painting this Modern Art piece with the paint by number set. 

When you and your partner paint together you are both able to let go of those stressors you may be facing in your day to day life. 

Painting is an excellent way for you and your partner to come together and feel comfortable in each other’s presence. 

And, you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to do on your next video call together.  

You can find this Modern Art Paint paint by number on Etsy

Rose Paint By Number

Painting also helps to increase the confidence in yourself and the confidence you have in the relationship. 

When you and your partner do this beautiful Rose paint by number, you will gain that confidence once you have completed the painting. 

After y’all have completed the painting and look back on it together you’ll gain confidence in the relationship.

You know it’s something that y’all completed and did together. 

It’s also a great memory to have when the relationship is at a distance. 

You can find this Rose paint by number on Etsy 

Monstera Paint By Number

One of the stages of a healthy long distance relationship is the co-creation stage.

In this stage, you and your partner will learn how to deepen your communication strategies As well as, learn how you work as a team.

After closing the distance, Tuomas and I worked together on making a pokemon hat for a Halloween costume.

I found out then that Tuomas does not like following along with a video to make something. 

It actually stresses him out, I have never seen him angry before and that video did the trick. 

From creating something with your partner you are able to see what things stress them out, how they handle that stress, and what you can do as their partner when they are stressed. 

This relaxing Monstera paint by number is easy to follow along with. 

And, you don’t have to worry about pausing or rewinding the video to follow along. 

You can find the Monstera paint by number on Etsy 

Southwest Paint by Number

When we were still in the long distance phase of our relationship, there were times we hit those relationship ruts.

We would ask the same questions every day, have the same monthly dinner and movie date night. 

When we would try to come up with new ideas… well let’s just say that process wouldn’t last long.

These ruts happened because we were trying to rush life, we were rushing the time in between meet-ups.

Instead of embracing the love, we had at a distance. 

That’s why painting is a perfect way for you and your partner to relax, slow down, and enjoy the moment with each other. 

This lovely Southwest paint by number will provide y’all a great way to relax and enjoy the sunset together. 

You can find this Southwest paint by number on Etsy

Pineapple Paint By Numbers

A fun idea to add to your paint date night is to write a letter to each other describing the date night together. 

You can write the letters while y’all are waiting for the paint to dry on your Pineapple masterpiece. 

Then, get an envelope and mail each other the letter and painting. It would be nice to have a piece of your partner in your apartment.

And a great story of your love to share with the people in your life. 

You can find this Pineapple Paint by Numbers here on Etsy. 

Deer Paint By Numbers

Have you ever wondered what your partner looks like when they are fully concentrating on something? 

Or wondered what their creative side looks like.

Having a paint night is a great way to explore all those sides of your partner that you don’t get to see every day. 

Try to catch these glimpses of your partner’s creative side as y’all paint this dreamy Deer paint by number.

You can find the Deer paint by numbers on Etsy.

Purple Flowers Paint By Numbers

My favorite part of our long distance date nights was that each date night provided us the opportunity to slow down. 

Once we are able to slow down from the cycles of everyday life, that is the moment you began to appreciate life so much more.

You start to truly appreciate the love you and your partner share. 

The amazing love that is overcoming boundaries like distance.

Start appreciating the moment you are in while painting the tranquil Purple Flowers paint by number. 

You can find the Purple Flowers paint by number on Etsy.

Elephant Paint By Numbers

Tuomas and I love going to the museum together, it is probably one of our favorite dates to have when we’re on a meet-up. 

The last museum we went to have an art exhibit. The coolest part was this art exhibit was picked out by elementary school kids in Finland. 

We took our time exploring the art gallery together. Talking about how the paintings made us feel and the ones we liked and didn’t like.  

It was also the first time I noticed his appreciate for art.

While painting this Elephant paint by number talk to your partner about the art they like, see if they are into a certain art style. 

This date night could inspire an art museum trip during y’all’s next meet up. 

You can find this Elephant paint by numbers on Etsy. 

Tropical Leaves Paint By Number 

Monthly date nights are a great way for you and your partner to spark love and creativity together. 

Through active date nights, you and your partner are able to grow with each other and explore each other interests. 

This shop has a lot of options for its paint by numbers, so if you and your partner enjoyed this paint date night then you can get more inspiration like the Tropical Leaves paint by number here. 

You can find the Tropical Leaves paint by number on Etsy.

Mountain Sunset Paint By Numbers

Having at least monthly date nights are important for your long distance relationship. I understand though that there are a lot of times when couples can’t have that luxury. 

If you and your partner are separated for long periods of time, it doesn’t mean you can’t do this activity together. 

You can still plan a date night with each other!

Just mail them a copy of you paint by number, a blank copy for them and, some colored pencil’s along with a letter telling them how much you miss them.

Once their done they can mail their artwork and a letter back to you. That way y’all can both gaze on this Mountain Sunset as if you were together. 

Planning and scheduling date nights with your partner makes lets your partner know that they are a priority in your life. 

That’s why it’s important to create moments like this to keep the love alive. 

You can find this Mountain Sunset paint by number on Etsy.

Need Some Extra Supplies?

Planning a date night is already so much fun, you might wonder if you can make it even more memorable. Why not create your own date night box? 

And send your partner a paint date night care package. Here’s what you can include in your date night care package. 

Personalized Paint Brushes

Give you and your partner a matching set of these personalized paintbrushes, you can put your couple’s initials, the date y’all started dating, or where you first met. 

You can build trust and intimacy through personalized gifts. Personalized gifts give your partner a reminder of your commitment to each other. 

Which also helps make the relationship feel more secure and stronger. 

You can find the Personalized Paint Brushes on Etsy.

Enjoy Your Next Date Night

Long distance relationships require you and your partner to learn and grow together.

You’ll enjoy this memory of each other at a distance when you and your partner one day close the distance.

Who knows you could already have a gallery wall started for your new home together. 

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