Love Languages LDR Workbook



What if you and your partner could get closer to closing the distance in one date night? The Love Languages LDR Date Night is aimed for you and your partner to explore more about each other and increase your emotional intimacy. So that one day you can close the distance.


The Love Language Date Night 


For the past few years, I have been researching the love languages and how to use them in a long distance relationship. But I needed to take it one step further so that couples could fully understand how to use them in their long distance relationship.


On this Date Night you and your partner will explore the love languages using:


The Love Language Workbook 


  • Start off your date night by taking the quiz and finding out your love language
  • Discover each other’s love languages and how to use them 
  • Unlock your relationships hidden potential 


LDR Discussions Vol 2 


  • 40 thought provoking questions that will make you dive deeper into the relationship
  • You’ll learn how to ask for what you want in a way that’s more likely to help you get it
  • If you both fully participate, you will both feel inspired to overcome the distance


10 Day Love Challenge


  • 10 Days to fully explore how to use the love languages in a long distance relationship
  • Create lasting habits to make your relationship feel closer.


You Don’t Need to be Another Statistic  


Those of us in the LDR Community are always reminded of the success rate of long distance relationships.


We didn’t want to be a statistic nor should you be one.


You Can Feel Fulfilled

You Can Finally Navigate through Misunderstandings

You Can Have Clear Communication

You Can Have a Thriving Long Distance Relationship

You Can Close the Distance


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