Top 10 Wedding Gifts for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

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One thing I love about American culture is our need to have a party for everything, first it was participation trophies now it’s celebrating every life milestone no matter how small.

This past year I attended a party for one of my co-workers son’s graduating from preschool.

Or was it kindergarten? Well you get the point, we celebrate everything 🥳

Honestly, I find it amazing that we always want to celebrate life and be around the ones we love.

So you couldn’t begin to imagine how happy I was when that same co-worker held a bridal shower for me, well until she asked me what she should tell people to get me as a gift.

Top 10 Wedding Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Dear Lord, I was so unprepared, of course I scoured pinterest to find an article from someone who closed the gap about their nuptials and guess what?

I found nothing, absolutely nothing. At first I told her cash because cash is king and it will help my significant other and I out when I eventually move out there.

That and I’m not really planning on taking a lot of stuff with me when I move out there, literally only trying to take 1 big suitcase, carry on suitcase and a backpack.

What can I say I’m a minimalist 🤷‍♀️

However, the closer I got to the day I started to think of other things that would be great gift ideas other than cash, because some people just don’t like giving cash as a gift.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

This one can be a bit tricky because you’ll need to find that countries’ regions Amazon website and order a digital gift card from there.

For example Finland is in Germany’s and the UK’s region currently.

So I would ask for an Amazon gift card from their web-page that way I can use it when I am out there.

Luckily Amazon has virtual gift cards so that makes things a lot easier.

2. Airline Gift Cards

Getting your friends a gift card from their preferred airline is such an amazing gift. Not only is it helpful to your friend, but it also makes it easier to have your friend come back to visit.

I wish, wish I would have thought of this one sooner 🤦‍♀️

My fiance and I have flown with Icelandair every visit, mainly because it’s the fastest and sometimes the cheapest option,

I refuse to have a 24 hour layover in any country, I got things to do today.

So figure out your friend’s favorite airline and get them a gift card.

3. Offer to Help Ship their Stuff

I say I am a minimalist but I know once the time is near there’s going to be things I need/ want shipped over.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all my stuff from school

This would also be a fun day to spend with your friends before their departure. I’m sure your friend will love you even more for helping them before they left.

If you are shipping anything internationally, I recommend using the USPS. Mostly because FedEx charges more and has a longer process going through customs than the USPS.

4. New Travel Gear

Definitely talk to your friends before doing this, because it’s hard to have a wedding registry when you’re moving to a new country.

Practically impossible.

Scope out what they need, do they need a bigger suitcase? Have they been eyeing a new backpack that has all the storage space?

If you don’t know what to get your friend packing cubes is always a good option. It’ll help them to be more organized before they leave for their new adventure.

Basically things they will need for travel, just because they are moving across the globe does not mean they will never come back to visit.

5. Universal Adapter

I have one of these but a few more definitely would not hurt. I know when I move to Finland I will be bringing my laptop, and my Nintendo consoles with me.

Your girl needs all the adapters.

Just to be extra cautious always check your voltage.

6. A Journal or Planner

Writing in a journal has a lot of therapeutic benefits, it helps to relieve stress and unleash bottled up emotions including fear and anxiety.

It also is a wonderful way to keep track of your new adventures as newlyweds and living in a new area. Exploring things together and help create new memories together.

I love this planner because it allows couples to check off their bucket list and makes plans on how they’ll make it happen.

7. Digital Picture Frame

What better way to set up the new place, and feel a little less lonely in a new area?

I like the idea of framed pictures of memories because it comes from the heart. It also doesn’t take up as much space when packing or shipping to your friend.

Your friend will able to have a piece of home with them in a new country.

8. Home State/Country Picture

I think the wine might be kicking in, either that or this list is starting to make me sentimental.

I just realized that I am leaving EVERYONE and EVERYTHING behind.

It would be nice to have a picture of Virginia when I move to Finland. It will be a nice reminder of my friends and family. That and I know that no matter where I go that it will always be my home.

9. Book an Experience

One of my favorite apps to find experiences is AirBnB.

They have experiences listed for practically every city; and the prices are ranged to meet every budget.

This is also a nice gift to give as it allows for exploration in the new area and maybe meeting some new locals.

AirBnb offers cooking classes, hikes, and even photographers to capture your friend’s time in their new home.

What better way to get use to a new area other than exploring it?

10. Ca$h

Cash is king and when someone is starting off in a new country it’s what they need the most.

If you want to put some extra effort into the cash, get them money in the currency of the country they are going to.

That will help your friend out with exchange rates.

Thanks again Angela!!! Without you I wouldn’t have been able to write this!!

Are you Engaged and in a Long Distance Relationship?

I am so glad my friend threw me an early bridal shower so I could better think about these things.

So that when my family decides to hold one for me, I am more prepared.

I recommend starting an Amazon Wedding Registry to better keep track of your gifts, you should be able to get them shipped out to wherever you’re moving to.

What are some other things you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!!