Virtual Date Night Ideas We Love and Ones We Will Never Try Again

If you have been reading my post and following me for sometime you should know that one of my love languages is quality time.

Since my love language is quality time I look forward to every date night that we have.

Check out more about the 5 love languages here.

That’s when we get to spend time together uninterrupted by life. It also means my Snowman will spend the night on the phone with me 🥰

We have been dating for almost 3 years now. Which means we have been steadily doing the long distance date night thing for a while. I think it’s safe to say were pro’s.

During this time we have seen every post out there on activities you could do together. There were some we’ve liked, some we’ve hated, and even some dates that were not attempted.

That’s fine, you know why? Because every couple is different. Which means every couple likes different things.

Some idea’s in dates we don’t like you might like. My suggestion is trying out different things to better understand what y’all enjoy doing on dates.

So without further ado, here’s a list of our favorite date night ideas and one’s we will never try again.

We Absolutely Love

Cooking The Same Meal Together

This is probably our staple, we each take turns looking up recipes.

Last time we cooked ground beef Korean Bbq 🤤

Since we also both enjoy pairing alcohol with our meals we enjoy finding a wine that would compliment what we’re cooking. It teaches us a little more about food from the region and more about wine.

I really wanted to get Soju but I think that’s easier to find in the US than in Finland.

The timing of this might be the trickiest part for us. Since my Snowman is 7 hours ahead of me so it’s usually his dinner date and my lunch date. This also means that I have to time my wine drinking appropriately.

It’s also okay if I pass out at 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday from wine  🥴

What is also great about this is that it teaches us how to create something together.

If you remember from my other post about the 5 stages of a long distance relationship, co-creation is a requirement for any relationship.

Asking Questions

This is a good activity to do when you want to learn more about each other. You can easily find question anywhere on pinterest and google. Just type question to ask your significant other.

Honestly, sometimes you think you know everything about your partner and then you ask them one of those questions and you learn something new. Half the time we end up on a tangent based on one of the questions asked. It really is a great conversation starter.

Exploring Pinterest/TripAdvisor

I remember one blog post that suggested taking a virtual tour of an area. Although it was a very interesting experience, it also became very short lived.

Eventually it led us right back to Pinterest. That’s fine by me, I love Pinterest because you get to explore places from different travel bloggers’ eyes.

When you read a travel guide you are able to see the same stuff as on the virtual tour, while also experiencing it with a tour guide. 

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The weather called for scattered thunderstorms today, I guess we got lucky 🌞

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This is also a great date idea if y’all are about to have a meet-up because we always take it to the next step and create trips on TripAdvisor. Besides, I am a total foodie and love looking up restaurants in the area.

I am so excited just thinking about it!!

Looking for Apartments

My Snowman suggested this one, and it’s also kinda dorky to admit that we enjoy doing this.

Honestly, I blame HGTV and Target for enabling my love for home decor.

Anyway!! We love doing this because it really makes you think about what you want in a living space, like I have to have a washer in unit.

Thank you college dorms for forever ruining my faith in humanity when it comes to laundry 😑

Also he absolutely has to have a sauna in the complex or more preferably in the apartment. #Finland

It is also nice planning our future together, especially since we are closing the gap December 2020. 

Yeah Let’s Not Do That Again

Playing Games Together 

So it’s actually hilarious that we don’t like doing this one together considering we met in an online gaming league. That is also probably the reason we are not a fan of playing games together.

We are both too competitive.

If I find a game I like, he’s probably not going to be good at it and vice versa, then we both start getting annoyed and then it ends up with one of us forever hating Candy Crush and Words With Friends.

Yes I know it’s 2020 and I still like crushing those candies

It is also hard to find a website that works for both of us since we are in different countries. Damn you EU cookies.

After playing with limewire in college I am more hesitant about the stuff I download. 

Watching Videos

I know a lot of blogs mention doing this together. However I don’t feel like we get that time to really connect and know each other and it also leads to one of us doing our own thing.

I have the attention span of a squirrel.

Plus I rather save movies for meetups, so we can cuddle.

Unless it’s something we both really want to watch like the American anime show RWBY. The episodes are really short so it works with my attention span.

Drinking Games 

Remember when I mentioned passing out to wine at 8:00 pm on a Saturday. It used to happen much earlier, like at 3:00 p.m.

That’s why we don’t play drinking games anymore.

We are just way too competitive with each other with gaming. Then when we add alcohol to the mix it usually ends up with me telling my Snowman to chug his beers.

He’s a light weight

Or me drinking the wine too fast and moving on to tequila shots

That’s just the type of girl I am 

You must be thinking a number of things by now anywhere between sounds like fun or y’all are crazy. But, it can get very lonely if your date ends early because the other person is passed out.

Date Nights in Public Places

This was hard to attempt and if we did it was always one-sided.

I would get on Whatsapp walk around a local park and show him all the good views. On the other hand, my Snowman just never felt comfortable with doing that.

I have always dreamed of sitting in the back of a restaurant with both of us on a video call enjoying a dinner date. Let me tell you

It. Never. Happened.

And that’s fine; I love my partner even if doing video dates in public is a no go for him. I still attempt to ask every few months or so, I think I’m a gluten for punishment.

Date Night Success

After we figured out our favorite date night activity our dates went a lot smoother. Since our dates run smoother it also makes them more enjoyable for us.

We are able to relax and unwind and really enjoy spending time with each other

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