5 Sure Signs That You Should Meet For the First Time LDR

The question of when you should meet your partner for the first time is hard to answer. After all, it depends on each relationship.

Some couples might have known each other online for years, some may have met in person, then there are some that just met each other in their DMs.

So really, having a hard and fast rule for them all is difficult. Then you also should consider the individual’s financial situation. If your partner can’t afford to go see you and can’t afford to have you come out there, then you need to respect that. 

Instead of trying to put a number on it, you should focus on the signs your partner shows as well as look at the relationship as a whole. 

5 Signs You Should Plan Your First Meet-Up

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I mentioned before that everyone has their own unique story as to how they met there partner. That is one of the things I love about the LDR community.

We all have different backgrounds and different tips for what helped out relationship. 

Regardless of how you and your partner met you can still use these signs as a guidepost for meeting and reuniting with your partner after your initial meeting.  

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After A Few Months After Dating

Because I know someone out there still wants a time frame I am going to say after a few months of dating.

I’ll let you interpret what a few means on your own 💁‍♀️

After you and your partner have been dating for a while there are things you learn about them that you don’t learn when your first start dating. 

Those feelings from the honeymoon stage are slowly winding down and you are able to see your partner for who they really are. Weird quirks and all. 

There is also a “trusting you gut” factor to this. I am a very intuitive person, so I believe that your body gives you warning signs when something isn’t right.

Learn how to trust it.

Just in case you aren’t that intuitive, keep reading I got your back 💪

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They Show You Consistency

The big question you should be asking yourself if you’re going to meet with your partner is if they are showing you consistency. 

Is your partner showing up for voice, video calls, and date night? 

Are they showing you consistency with their worldviews and how they perceive things that are going on in their lives?

If your partner is unable to show up when it comes to these things, you should start asking both yourself and them why.

When your partner is consistent with voice, video calls, and dates night then you are developing trust with this person. 

Trusting in the fact that they will be at the airport waiting for you with open arms.  

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After You’ve Had Your First Big Fight 

We embrace the arguments in our relationship. Arguments are viewed as a time for us to learn more about each other and ourselves. 

Over time, we have learned more about our cultural differences cause a differ in our worldviews. We’ve also learned more about the differences in our childhood from arguments.

Without arguing with each other we wouldn’t have understand what it means to love each other and be in a committed relationship.

Learning how to overcome the arguments in the long distance side of the relationship, makes it easier to understand during the close proximity part of the relationship.

Pro Tip: Have arguments over a video call, that way you are able to see your partner’s body language. That way when y’all meet in person you won’t be thrown off guard by their behavior. 

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Y’all Know Each Other’s Schedule 

Knowing your partner’s schedule shouldn’t be seen as stalking them or invading their personal space. 

It’s one of those things that help to develop in a trust long distance relationship. 

You should have a vague idea of what your partner is doing throughout the day. Talking about this with your partner is a great way to stay connected when you’re apart.

For example, I know one day a week Tuomas meets with his family and goes play pool. That day is always consistent, I also know that during that day I will not be able to talk to him a lot.

When you are able to develop this trust with each other, it helps to give you and your partner confidence with the relationship. 

It’s much easier to make a big commitment to someone when you are confident about the relationship. 

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Y’all Know Each Other’s Love Language

Learning the love languages is learning the first steps to understanding emotional intimacy with your partner. You learn more about how they give and receive love. 

This also means you will learn how they like to spend time with you when y’all are in person.

This will make planning Meet-Ups a lot easier because it allows you and your partner to have activities that fill up your love tank.

Which will be needed until your next meet up. 

You Both Want to Keep the Relationship Going 

When you and your partner plan these Meet-Ups together it’s a sign that y’all are both working towards the same goal.

Y’all both want you online relationship to continue offline.

That is something you need in order for the relationship to succeed, the desire to see and be with your partner. 

Once you and your partner can show these things to each other, you should plan your Meet-Up.

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